Update: D. & J. (China)

March 31, 2010

Dear Praying friends:

Greetings from [China]! Many of you have been receiving short updates and prayer requests through email but others have not received any news from us for quite a while now. We do apologize for that.

Our children: J., M. & B.
Our children continue to bring us great joy and laughter into our lives. J. (11) comes home everyday having already done his homework. He spends his time reading, playing the piano, doing Tae Kwon Do, playing computer games and Risk. M. (9) still has hours of homework daily but is adjusting well in school after having some difficulties with her teacher.  She loves to be the older sister to the younger kids on our team.  M. enjoys being the teacher to young brother B..  B.(6) doesn’t want to come home early from his Chinese kindergarten as he has a new best Chinese friend, X.  He continues to be the “Ham” of the family and keeps us rolling on the floor with what comes out of his mouth.

SW: The main focus of the past semester was the church that we attend. As the church moved out of its building due to government pressure, SW received both national and international attention. With the Lord’s leading, D. and I felt very strongly to stay within SW. Numerous email updates were written during that time and we are thankful for all the prayers and support for us and the church. Currently SW continues to rent a space while we wait for the buyer to hand over the key to the new purchased location. Last Sunday the senior pastor revealed the location and displayed a large picture of the building, calling the people to a month of prayer and fasting. Meanwhile the members continue to receive harassment from the police through phone calls, threats, and visitations.

Please pray for the urban house church people that our faith will arise and be strengthened during times like this. In addition to pressure from the police, most of the urban people have tremendous stress from demanding jobs, financial difficulties, children’s progress at school and marital problems (in many cases, one spouse is not a believer).

Vision: 2,500 new churches planted in Urban China in the next 5 years
D. is preparing 20 Chinese leaders to spend a month this summer with Tim K. at the Redeemer Church Planting Center in New York City.  Our vision is to see 2,500 new Ch plants in the urban centers of China within the next 5 years.  One network leader has already commissioned 500 couples to plant in cities this past year. This past week we had a mini-Redeemer Immersion class and it was evident they wanted more of this exposure.

Pray as we prepare for a major movement of God in the urban centers of China. Let us know if you are interested to know more on how to pray, get involved in partnering with the Chinese church in this next movement of God in the global cities of China.

Prayer and Perseverance
I (J.) continue to find great joy and pleasure in hands-on ministry. Every day varies. While the children are in school, I try to make the most of time with my Chinese friends whether through structured activities through the church or more casually in homes or cafes (God only knows how much of His work is done in the cafes and McD. I often meet Christians meeting together in places like this.) The greatest joy is counseling the younger sisters and praying for them.  God has been growing a desire for deeper prayer and it has been wonderful to respond to this invitation.  

Please pray for wisdom, discernment, growth in the knowledge of God, and perseverance. Some times I sense I need more professional training in counseling. This is some thing you can pray for me about.

During the Christmas season, we heard our teammates share about how friends and colleagues received our Lord into their lives. Our hearts were excited and filled with awe. Salvation belongs to our God! Sometimes the people we meet are so ripe and ready. They seem like fruits just hanging off the branches. We are here to just catch them. (Our Lord did say that the harvest is ready). For some other people, there’s going to be a lot of praying needed and lot of love sown before anything happens.

D. and I have been witnessing to a Chinese friend. When the Lord laid him on my heart two years ago, I knew this would be a difficult case. Since then we have been praying and praying for him. He finally opened his heart to us as friends and this past Chinese New Year accepted our invitation for his family to stay in our apartment while we go to Thailand for our annual conference. During his family’s visit to Beijing, a Christian friend of ours took his wife and daughter to a house church. What was their experience like? They said this was the first time they experienced such an environment of love.

Please pray for WY and his family that they would continue to walk towards the Kingdom of light. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Summer and Beyond
At the end of June, D. will be stepping down as Team Leader and will pass on the team to another member WF.  WF is a good friend and a gifted brother from the Bay area who was involved with David during his days of mobilizing Asian Americans for missions.  We sense this is the right time to pass on the team as D. can now describe it as healthy and humming.  Amazingly, we are made up of members from US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China and yes, OMF’s first South American from Peru.  Please pray for the team as we make this transition.

We will be making our way back to the States for a proper Home Assignment. We are still looking for an apartment or house to stay in the Boston area Aug-Dec 2010 or longer.  Please let us know if you hear of any availabilities in the East Coast. We are looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing about His work in your lives.

To God be the Glory.

D. & J.


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