Day 7: Coming Home

March 19, 2010


We’re in Dubai once more, waiting to get on the flight HOME.

HOME.  That word never sounded so good, honestly.

The ratios still don’t look good: 4 out of 4 are still down with one thing or another.  We’ve got some airplane pukies, consistent massive stomach cramping, and all other sorts of things you can imagine might go wrong.  And we haven’t really figured out what caused it all. =(  The other 4 are hanging tough (chowing down on McDonald’s as we speak, actually).  Please continue to pray for all 8 of us.

On the plane & in transit, we’ve had some chance to sit & talk with each other about our week in India.  Being here in the glittering luxury of the Dubai Int’l Airport, the surrealness of our week in Kolkata is even more striking.  And disturbing.  Little things like not having to worry about using the tap water to brush our teeth makes us think, “How do people live with dirty, dirty water?”  And that of course leads to bigger questions of “Why does most of the world NOT have clean, potable water, and how is that right or fair or just?  And what does God think about that?  And what does God want us to think about that?”

This just scratches the surface of the hard questions we’ll be asking ourselves . . . and which our church will have to join us in asking too.  After all, those who sent us, de facto, went with us and shared this experience with us (not all of it, thank goodness, right?  The world doesn’t have enough Immodium for that, ha-ha!) . . . and we would invite you all to seriously take part in grappling with us over the hard things . . . .

We’re boarding soon.  14 more hours and we’ll be landing on home turf.  Tears come to my eyes to think of it . . .  this week has been hard, for many of us, all of us, for a whole gamut of reasons.  We pray that you would be gracious to us upon re-entry, and that God would continue to heal our bodies, our hearts and our spirits . . . .

Pray for traveling mercies for us.  We fly home in the shelter of His wings.


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