Day 5: Sickness, Light, and Friendships

March 18, 2010

I’m actually writing this on the morning of Day 6 . . . yesterday was sort of a wash for me and I just didn’t have the energy to type.  I stayed home (Becca stayed with me) totally sick, while the rest of the team came to FS.  This is what they told me about their day…

They had a great morning conference call / morning devotions with Jeff, Santosh (JVI lawyer), Kyu and Tom Kim . . . learned a lot about JVI & how it works in relation to FS and other justice ventures.  They were really impressed with Santosh, a Brahmin Indian who married 2 castes below his own, and was practically disowned for it.  Even now, the 2 families don’t get together, and when they do, they eat with diff sets of cups, plates, etc. Acc to teammates, Santosh is really something, born & bred here in India, but just really living out the Gospel in so many important ways.

The team then came over to FS, and were able to spend time getting some things done “around the house.”  Heather & Steve Pound moved here about 4mos ago, and the construction team is working on setting them up in their new home inside the 2nd FS building.  They & their 4 kids are so …. inspiring, amazing, cheerful.  Sharon is helping Heather pick paint colours for their new home.

From what else I gather, some discussions were had regarding FS teeshirts and how to support this new, budding market within the FS system. Some teammembers hauled cement buckets for the Pounds’ house.  A lot of talking happened, good conversations with FS staff and friends.  James had injured his finger, so he had to coddle it a bit.

In the late afternoon, James & Robert came back to the guesthouse to get me & Becca, in case I was feeling up to hitting Sonagacchi with the Hiltons.  But I just couldn’t (after having vomited some more and having recurring fever).  James also wasn’t feeling well at this point — some exhaustion, I think?  So Robert came back to FS by himself, and he, Christina, Anna & Jen went with Kerry and Annie to walk the streets of Sonagacchi.  They came back with shining faces, much like Sharon, BEcca and James the night before.  Last night, our conclusion was that the hope of Christ is really prevalent and bright here.  We started this week with such heaviness & darkness & sadnes . . . and as we near the end of our time here, we feel lightness and light.  Praise God that He always shines brighter.

This morning . . Jen is at home b/c she has what I had . . . pls pray for her.  Christina, Sharon, Becca & James are heading to the outing with the children.  Anna is geared up for some construction work.  Don’t know what Robert & I will be doing; frankly, I still feel extremely questionable.

Pls pray for our team.  Pls pray for continued protection, quick healing, full recovery.  How we need the Spirit’s blanketing of us right now….

We’re planning to buy more FS bags and tshirts.  Get ready, NHF — the vision is big, our actions have to rise to meet it. =)

We miss you.  Frankly, we miss clean water and Caesar salads. =) But we miss you too.  We can’t wait to see you and tell you, share with you all.  May God prepare our church body to hurt together, grieve together, feel the pain & poverty together . . . then come together in faith, action, hope & light.

His love to you,
c. on behalf of I10

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