Day 4 in Kolkata: Light in the Darkness

March 16, 2010

We woke (Bob & I at least) with heaviness for our team. A strong urgency to re-knit our team back together in the face of mean, mean spiritual attack.  So we prayed Ephesians 6 over each other, visualizing ourselves lifting each indiv part of God’s armor & lovingly dressing ea other w/the same.

God came thru today.

A lot of the rage of yesterday (sorry, there was hatred of men going on), depression, heaviness… A lot of the black cloud that sat on our heads & tried to suffocate us … It dissipated today. God rested His steely self on our team & carried us thru in peace, laughter, and a little bit of much-needed lightness.

The day was spent working with the women – dear church family, you have to know exactly how beautiful these women are.  They are BEAUTIFUL.  How can we accurately describe their glowing gorgeousness to you? Come & see for yourselves…

We had a pretty productive marketing mtg with FS & JVI reps… There is so much hope for the future! Exciting! C’mon people, we’re gonna shop the heck out of FS – this is the ONLY way to free more women from the sex-trade (and I’m sorry, but no matter what anyone says, NO ONE in Sonagacchi chose to be there, and unionizing or legalizing or enforcing condom-use among girls who were STOLEN to work the line is senseless & counter-intuitive & wrong. Only freedom is the answer. Only Christ is the way.). So NHF, get ready for more bags – you ARE going to shop your hearts out!

Then Jeff took us down to one of 2 Sari Bari locations (near the Kali Temple – Kali is the goddess of destruction; isn’t it something that there’s an entire temple dedicated to a goddess of destruction, and ppl pray to her out of deep-seated fear? There is no such thing as a loving God here; fear drives everything…). At SB, we met Beth, who directs the SB operation, which is almost an identical model to FS, but uses old saris to make blankets, bags & scarves. Amazingly beautiful …

Last night, before Kerry took 3 of our group into Sonagacchi, he reminded us that Jesus is already there, in that district. We heard the echoes of his words today as Beth told us that their 2nd SB location is in the heart of the trade district, on the worst, most crowded street there, where the most “in demand” girls work. Yes – Jesus IS already there, and we anticipate all the joyous ways His light will radiate out from the darkest place …

After SB, we walked by the Kali Temple, and then to Mother Teresa’s hospital for the destitute & dying. They stand right next to each other; the entire plaza littered w/homeless and poor adults, elderly, kids, babies, stray dogs. When MT said she was going to set up shop there, there was massive protest & rioting by Hindus who were offended by the affront to their goddess. So she said, “ok, YOU guys take care of these ppl then.” The protests stopped & they let her do her thing. Sigh … But praise God for her …

We had a weird dinner @ Tollygunge Club. Basically, an old Brit relic for the rich & elite. We hated every moment of being there & are thankful that we’re here @ this humble guesthse. TC wouldve been bad for our souls, bad for our team, bad for rel’ship bldg with FS…

Home. We closed our day quickly, with brief sharing, and praying healing over James & Jen. It is good to lay our heads down and rest … It is good to trust in the Lord who gives us rest … It is good to be children of the Most High God … It is good to be saved by Jesus Christ.

If I could add a personal pryr request … It’s about 11p India time, and I’m about to go to sleep with nausea and an increasing fever. The sisters prayed over me; so I rest in His healing hands …

Pls continue to pray for us … Pls pls pls. Pray for the FS women, pray for the women still working the line, pray for this city… Just pray; just open your mouths & let the Lord fill it with words …

We NEED you to lift us up & fight for and with us…
We NEED Jesus to be lifted high among us, by us, and over this city.  These ppl NEED love, compassion, worth, identity, light and life.

All for His glory. ALL for HIS GLORY!

With love and missing you all,


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