Day 2 in Kolkata

March 14, 2010

Hi dear family,

We just finished evening pryr and are back in our room eating beef jerky (o the irony) and unwinding from an intense day, intense pm, intense pryr time.

Worshiped this a.m. @ Carey Baptist Church, the church that William Carey built way back when. Walking unto service & hearing familiar songs being lifted up in praise made the world shrink in a millisecond. Love when that happens! And to finish off worship w/ How Great is Our God… Awesome!

Walked in broiling humid heat to – wait for it – KFC for post -church lunch; the weekly ritual of the Hiltons & Pounds.  Had soda with – wait for it – ice in it! All are well; apparently these fastfood places use filtered water.  (But keep praying for our health: if it’s not a GI thing, then the heat will be the thing that wrecks us…)

After a brief rest back @ the guesthse (mercifully a/c-ed rooms!), Kerry Hilton took us to the Howrah Bridge (and across 4 lanes of insane traffic) and while in that area, Becca had opp to care for a teenage boy who’d had the front half of his foot cut off somehow.  As she ministered, we held her up in pryr, asking for the healing anointing to fall. There was so much oppression & darkness on this boy & all who gathered around in curiosity … It was actually quite hard to pray in the Spirit …

Back over the bridge, and to Freeset & the Hiltons’ home for more filtered water & tea. Had a great talk w/them. Then great Indian dinner in a “nice” part of town (we are quickly learning how very much all things r relative), and back home for prayer, rest, shower & hopefully sleep. It was difficult to swallow down mouthfuls while infant babies slept on the sidewalk outside. On the one hand, we’re so thankful for God’s provisions and we determine never to take food and bed and water for granted ever again. On the other hand, the injustice, the inequity, the utter wrongness makes one want to flip the tables in anger & protest…

Praises today:
– safety & protection: so thankful for God keeping watch over our bodies with good, plentiful food and clean water; for Murray, 1 of the NZ team here doing construction on the new FS bldg – he took us all over the city; and for James & Bob who really expended themselves to keep us safe from prying eyes & wandering hands – they hemmed us in on all sides; we felt we were in loving, capable protective hands.
– morning worship with Indian believers. Every glimpse of Home is a gift and we treasure it even more as pts of light in a very dark place.
– sense of hope that always manages to burst thru, even when we feel like we’ve been kicked into a pit by all we’ve seen. Surely God is here w/us, and more importantly, w/Kolkata. He hasn’t given up on or turned away from this city, no matter its darkness – we think it must be b/c where it’s most dark, He gets to show Himself off more. We’re thankful He is a glorious God worth showing off.
– each other: it is unimaginable to be here alone. In our collective weakness, He makes collectively strong. We wake each morning determined to be a wall of light.
– the fact that FS is here: words can’t properly describe what a continuing & impending miracle they r here. God’s will on earth…
– Bob reminding us in our sadness, anger, hopelessness: God just needs us right now to be willing to try to cross 4 lanes of impenetrable traffic, to know that exhilaration & sense of “I did it! I can do this!”, and THEN to take next steps of bringing transformation. Just cross those 4 lanes & see where He takes you …

Pryr req’s:
– protection protection protection: if we are not on guard as well as being guarded nonstop, the darkness & oppressive environmt is overwhelming, easily threatens to suck us under. May we be held up by Him and may we continue to be strong in Him for each other.
– soft hearts: even here, it’s easy to become jaded, angry, frustrated, hopeless. Since this is not what Christ calls us to, we want to be obedient.
– our Monday here: we’ll meet the FS women for the 1st time and spend the day there; perhaps also venturing into Sonagacchi, the red-lite district to meet the working women there.
– cont’d good health & physical safety, and physical / mental stamina for those who watch out for us women (James, Bob, Murray, etc.)
– wisdom for Bob & I as we try to watch our own souls & keep jealous guard over our team.
– protection & guidance of our dreams tonite as we sleep & seek replenishmt of all that’s been drained out today.
– that God would truly give us what we can handle: everything here is intense & overwhelming. We are often confused, geographically, spiritually, emotionally. But, we don’t want to shut down or become hard-hearted. Lord, show us more of You and help our unbelief!

God has shown His favor to our team. We continue to ask that He’d show favour to this city & all here, esp the most poor, the most hungry, the most beat down, the most hopeless, the most deadened …. There are so many millions of them; only His favour would suffice.

We pray for you in thanksgiving. We send u His grace, power, love & mercy, and ask that u lift them back up to the Lord in praise, that He would yet pour forth in double upon Kolkata.

His peace & strength to you,


2 Responses to “Day 2 in Kolkata”

  1. John McAteer Says:

    Dear Becca and all, We are glad we are able to follow you via the blog. Please seek wisdom on whether it is the best thing to venture into Sonagacchi and other unsafe areas.
    We are praying for you all and are concerned for your safety. We know God is watching over you every second, but we also know he wants us to be ” harmless as a dove, but wary as a serpent”. We know you will listen to the leaders that are familiar with the country and area. We love you so much.
    God Bless you. Love Mom and Dad

  2. John McAteer Says:

    Dear Becca and all,
    Hoping you are all well and looking forward to hearing how your meeting with the women of FS went.
    We are praying constantly and when you get the chance would love to hear from you via the blog.
    God Bless you, Love, Mom and Dad

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