1st Night in India

March 14, 2010

This morning at about 5a, the call to prayer rang out from the mosque next door. So beautiful.. Yet couldn’t help but think how misguided… As I tried to fal asleep afterwd, the song Jesus Jesus holy & anointed one kept ringing thru my brain. In sleepiness, it went with the call to prayer… And I felt lucky to know Christ. There are some who found it creepy. Pls pray that we’d continue to be UNAFRAID of the foreign culture AND the foreign gods… That we’d see & hear the beauty… But love more the beauty of our God.

He loves India so; THAT is what I felt the moment I got off the plane – not darkness but hope. May He sustain us this week, as indiv AND as a team, and may He give us more glimpses of His hope today…


One Response to “1st Night in India”


    Ahmen , that’s the spirit .Mission on .

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