First Night at Kolkata

March 13, 2010

We’ve just separated for the nite: James & Bob to their room down the hall & us here. We’re all showering before hitting the (nice & firm) beds.  Had a late dinner of chicken biryani (soooo flavorful!) And a short time of worship & prayer … James led us in “Everlasting God” as a prayer for strength in these days … I followed up with a reading from Psalm 19, as a prayer for strength for our minds & spirits: keeping ourselves set on the law of the Lord.

We’re EX. HAUS. TED.

Not much more to share right now except that James & Bob were multiply accosted en route to get our food this evening.  The heartbreak is near at hand, and we struggle b/w practical wisdom and God’s command to give to & serve the needy. What do we do? (That is actually a cry of ours.)

Please pray for us. Kolkata is a beautiful, crazy, vibrant city.  But there is so much here we don’t understand and we seek assurances from the Lord that He sees & cares.  Yes, we really need Him to increase our strength… And our faith…. And our ability to ask Him the hard questions, that we may get the hard answers…

Tomorrow is Sabbath worship. Remember us as we remember you. Goodnight,

Earlier this evening:

We just landed and are taxiing to gate.
Can’t believe we’re here; have no idea what’s on the other side of those doors… All we know is we’ve got the light of Christ and in the words of the children’s song: we’re going to let it shine. No fear!
Please pray for us… Among other things, it’s 99 degrees here at 8p at night!
Updtae soon… Pls post to blogand fwd to relevant fam members…
With love,


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