Commercialism & Faith

March 11, 2010

Donald Miller, author of books such as Blue Like Jazz and Through Painted Deserts, has started a new blog series focusing on “Commercialism and Faith,” in which he will “explore the relationship between the language of our culture (commercialism) and how we view and relate to God.”

As part of the emerging / Emergent Church movement, Miller should probably & wisely be read with a grain (or boulder) of salt.  Nevertheless, for a 21st-century / American / Westchester / prosperity / keeping-up-with-the-Joneses mindset such as the one by which most of our congregation abides (consciously or not), Miller’s dialogues are sure to be eye-opening.


7 Responses to “Commercialism & Faith”

  1. jorel Says:

    Miller has associations with the Emergent Church movement but i believe he comes from a Reformed theology..he even says so in one blog entry addressing this very issue…one of his books To Own a Dragon is published by Navpress (Navigators)
    but with anything.. my recommendation… (as an anonymous blogger and as someone that you have no idea who i am giving you advice from you dont know where or by who and doing so with bad grammer and spelling … )always read anything carefully

  2. jorel Says:

    just one more thing….

    i personally wouldnt go to Miller for theological training… but… i also think his writing is something special (dont know exactly wat it is)

  3. jorel Says:

    Sorry I just cant stop….part of the pajama hadin I guess,,,,

    Here’s a sermon by Driscoll about the emergent church… he has first hand knowledge seeing that he used to be part of the movement (sort of) before he left them due to disagreements in theology (from what I understand) and I think he called himself a reformed emergent now…

  4. jorel Says:

    i really cant stop…

    It seems Miller has close associations with Rob Bell (I would be very careful with Rob Bell)

    I still think Miller is okay

  5. jorel Says:

    ummmm…. okay.

    Mark Driscoll Farewell Emerging Church, 1989-2010

    Rob Bell- Maybe I never

  6. jorel Says:

    knew thee

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