I-10: 32 Hours

March 10, 2010

From the I-10 Team’s blog . . .

In 32 hours, I-10 will gather at church for a final group pow-wow.  We’ll fidget with each other’s backpacks, admire each other’s comfortable travel-apparel, redistribute multiple Ziploc baggies’ worth of snacks, and dance out some nervous wiggles.  Then we’ll huddle in a send-off prayer before loading into Edward’s and Alex’s cars for the early-morning drive to JFK Airport.

There is no way to properly describe how I-10 feels at this moment.  Nervous.  Tired.  Excited.  Scared.  Thrilled.  Anxious.  Hopeful.  Peaceful.  Worried.  Prepared.  Sleepless.  Equipped.  Weak.  Strong.

There are so many thoughts running through our minds.  “I know I’m gonna forget my toothbrush.”  “Jesus, please keep me from getting sick.”  “Are 3 t-shirts too many?”  “Will I be able to stand being so uncomfortable for so long?”  “Why won’t my liquids fit in this Ziploc baggie?!”  “What if the sights and smells are too much for me?”  “I hope I don’t get robbed.”  “What if compassion fails me?”  “I’m going to pack one more t-shirt.”  “How can I love more, with more of Christ in me?”  “Lord . . . are You there?”

In these hours remaining before departure, I-10 relies only on the Lord.  He who gave His Spirit to young David and set him on a course of healing, victory & establishing God’s kingdom on earth.  He who died on the Cross so that those who believe in Him shall have eternal life in His heavenly Kingdom.  He who gave His Spirit also to each of us and now sets us on a course of exploration, learning & loving the city of Kolkata in His powerful, healing, peace-giving Name.  We rest in Him and seek His grace for health, strength, team unity and humble hearts.

Please continue to pray for us: daily, hourly, by the minute and second, even in your sleep.  Our plane lifts off at 10.40a on Friday morning, and after a 4-hour layover in Dubai, we land at 7.15p in Kolkata (local time).  After a full week in Kolkata, we leave at 8.30p next Friday evening (local time), pop quickly in & out of Dubai, and land in New York at 7.45a next Saturday morning.   From our packing, to our flying, to our walking with Christ in Kolkata, to our return . . . please keep us constantly in your prayers & on your heart.  Please also pray for the folks at JVI & Freeset, and for the women being touched by these wonderful ministries.

May our Father’s Kingdom continue to grow & flourish; may His good Name continue to be lifted up & exalted; may His Spirit continue to move & work miracles of transformation in Kolkata and around the globe; may our team be blessed to be used by Him and to bring back to you stories of heartbreak and redemption — Kingdom Power at His best.

We say, “Yes, Jesus!”


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