Winter Trip to ISRAEL . . .

March 4, 2010

Several of the NHF brothers & sisters can now attest to the magic that is Dr. Bryan Widbin, Professor of Old Testament & Semitic Languages at Alliance Theological Seminary.  In addition to being a dynamic & faith-building lecturer and a virtual genius in all things related to the Middle East, Dr. Widbin is also a widely sought-after licensed guide with the state of Israel, a former resident of Israel, and former student with the Israeli Army.  He is fluent in the various languages & cultures of the Middle East.

Every winter, Dr. Widbin leads an extended study-tour of Israel.  But every two winters, he offers a special Biennial Study Trip which includes a couple of days spent in the desert with Bedouin nomads.   Over 11 days, Dr. Widbin will lead a group of graduate-students  & others on a chronological journey through the Bible, including:

  •  on-site instruction throughout Israel’s cities, deserts, mountains & valleys
  • course-materials (maps, charts, etc.)
  • hikes, swims & camel treks
  • special cultural events (hafla, interviews with resident Israelis, Palestinians & Bedouins, etc.)
  • daily evening recap-sessions

Special video: hear Dr. Widbin read Psalm 88 in the cell where Jesus was held before He was sentenced & crucified . . .

Trip details:

  • Dec. 3, 2010- Jan. 12, 2011
  • $3,295 (all-inclusive except for insurance)
  • $300 deposit required at registration
  • Register at: Maranatha Tours, Inc., 18428 N. 42nd Pl, Phoenix, AZ 85032, (800) 545-5533
  • Dr. Widbin’s website: Bible Settings
  • Financial assistance available through the Office of Global Service-Learning Program, Scott Reitz (Director), Nyack College, 1 South Blvd, Nyack, NY 10960, (845) 358 -4528

See / Contact Catherine C. for more information & details . . . or to register & be her roommate in Israel in January 2011!


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