Uber-Intense Prayer For I-10

February 16, 2010

We’re almost afraid to say it out-loud, because it seems too good to be true . . . but I-10’s visa applications packages are — wait for it — complete!

At about 1.45p Tuesday, Robert N. will be dropping off seven sets of visa applications & supporting paperwork in NYC, for submission to the Consulate for approval.  The prayed-for plan comes full circle when Catherine heads back into the city on Wednesday late-afternoon to pick up the approved visas, stamped inside team-members’ passports.

One would think that paperwork like this would be a run-of-the-mill procedure.  But I-10 can attest that this process has been anything but normal.  At times, it has been extremely difficult and frustrating.  And so, it is with great urgency that we ask for super-ramped-up prayer support & covering over the next 48 hours.  Would you please pray for:

  • the Lord to be settling Himself into the offices of the visa-outsourcing company and the Consulate, to make a way for His plans to be established
  • the person at the visa-outsourcing company who’ll be receiving our applications & conducting preliminary reviews
  • Robert, as he clearly & effectively communicates our team’s needs & plans, and that he’d not be hindered by frustration or confusion during drop-off on Tuesday
  • the person/people at the Consulate who’ll be receiving our applications & conducting another review
  • the person/people at the Consulate who’ll be making the final decisions about visa approvals
  • easy receipt of all of our supporting documents, and clear understanding of what they all mean
  • no delay in visa-approval for our Korea-born applicants.  May God bring ALL SEVEN visas back to us at the same, speedy time, APPROVED.  (The Consulate warns that foreign-born U.S. citizens might receive visa-approval later than American-born citizens.)
  • Catherine, as she picks up the visas & passports on Wednesday afternoon
  • physical safety for Robert & Catherine as they drive to & from midtown Manhattan
  • our Father’s favor to rest heavily upon this envelope of applications & papers
  • patience & peace all around, and that Christ’s powerful & bright life would pulse throughout the next two days, causing Robert & Catherine to be gracious, and moving the Consular staff to flexibility & understanding

If you feel so moved, we invite you also to join some of us in a devoted period of prayer & fasting, from 12p Tuesday through 6p Wednesday.

Dear NHF Family, thank you, as ever, for holding us up . . .


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