Rich Hodge’s visit

February 15, 2010

Hi everyone!

Our good friend Rich Hodge is back in town for a bit.  For those who are not on his e-mail list but want to get in touch with him below is his itinerary…..

Greetings from a very hot SA!
I see that for many in the states the weather has brought unbelievable amounts of snow and cold… it will be quite an  adjustment for me when I hit the ground in NYC this Thursday:)

I will be visiting 3 places on this trip. Although we won’t be able to visit every place our hope is that if I can’t get to your city you’ll be praying and asking the Lord what He might have you do to invest in His dream through us. If I’m near your area please come and invite any friends who you know have a heart for missions, pastors, Africa, orphans and vulnerable children, justice, or HIV/AIDS care ministry. In each area I’m visiting there is room to meet with people and anyone who wants to host a night just let me know and I will add that to my itinerary right away.

If you want to meet and set a time to get together please give me a call on my stateside cell number… 203-530-8196. I will also post this on facebook. We appreciate your prayers so much and ask that you be praying for me during these two weeks.


NEW YORK/ NEW JERSEY        FEB. 18-21

19 or 20- Tarrytown, NY                          If you can make either of these nights give me a call and I will confirm

21st- Hartford Chinese Church              1:30pm           Contact: Pastor Tim West
Open meeting after service           2:30pm                 

21st- Arumdaun Korean Church           5:00pm           Contact: Pastor Joshua Jong    516-761-0640
Home of Kyun & Jamie Yi’s                                          
117 Orleans Ave.                                                                     Kyun & Jamie    516-495-4837
Jericho, NY 11753

MODESTO/ BAY AREA              FEB. 22-26

25th- San Jose host home                      7:00pm           Contact: Bill Sylvester        408-497-8856
14316 Esther Dr.                                                            
San Jose, CA

LOS ANGELES                            FEB 26-28

26th- Pasadena host home                    7:00pm            Contact: Susan Chon     626-437-7167
1545 E. Elizabeth St.                                                    
Pasadena, CA

28th- Young Nak Presbyterian Church of LA    10:00am               Contact:  Pastor Caleb Kim/ Eunice Kang
English College Ministry                                            
Burbank, CA


1st or 2nd- Host Home in Tarrytown          Give me a call if either of these nights work for you… 203-530-8196


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