January “Name That Tune”

February 8, 2010

We are thankful for a new year in which to continue to come together to worship our God.  In light of events around the world — in Iran, Haiti, North Korea, etc. — we are especially thankful to have the facilities in which to gather together, in freedom and safety.  Let’s worship throughout 2010 with hearts that overflow with love, power, grace, gratitude.

As always, feel free to ask any member of the Worship Team for lyrics, recordings and other worship-music resources . . .

Sunday, January 31:

  • How Great Is Our God
  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • King
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  • Who Is There Like You?
  • How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

Sunday, January 24:

  • Unashamed
  • Hosanna
  • Trading My Sorrows
  • Everlasting God
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  • I Love You, Lord

Sunday, January 17:

  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • The Solid Rock
  • The Stand
  • This is Our God
  • God of Ages

Sunday, January 10:

  • Doxology
  • Sing to the King
  • My Redeemer Lives
  • You Are My King
  • Hosanna
  • Let Your Glory Fall

Sunday, January 3:

  • Everyday
  • Lifesong
  • Hosanna (Paul Baloche version)
  • More Than Life
  • Bread of Life

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