January 14, 2010

Yesterday, January 12, 2010, at about 5.00p, a massive magnitude-7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, causing indescribable destruction & devastation.  Haiti is already the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  In 2008, it suffered the impact of 4 severe hurricanes in just 3 weeks.  It is among the most politically & economically unstable countries, almost perpetually beset by governmental misrule & environmental mismanagement.  Strong aftershocks are still rattling the area, epicentered in the capital, Port-au-Prince.  Port-au-Prince itself is virtually entirely destroyed.  Check out any news source for continuing updates.  The images and stories — real life — are terrible.

If it is true that light shines more brightly in darkness, then let the church of Christ rise up now with our lamps of mercy, compassion, generosity, sacrifice, and Truth.  May Jesus Christ be seen in each rescue & recovery effort, in each medic, in each act of service and provision.  Let the enemy know that whatever he wants to use for chaos, God already intends to turn into good.  And He will do it.

Please intercede for Haiti & its citizens.  Pray for our Haitian brothers & sisters on the ground there, that the Holy Spirit would empower & equip them to be light in the darkness, working & moving with the hands & feet of Jesus Christ.  Pray for our Haitian-American neighbours here who are waiting, waiting, waiting to hear from or about loved ones abroad.  And pray for us, New Hope Fellowship, and other Christians here in the States & in other 1st-world countries; let’s not be lulled into mere TV-watching from the comfort of our still-standing living rooms.  Let’s get on our knees with humility & compassion.

According to Raymond Joseph, Haitian ambassador to the U.S., the most urgent needs right now are medics, first-responders, medical equipment & supplies, blankets, clean water & clothing.  If you’d like to donate any of these things, or give financially so that these things can be purchased & shipped abroad, here are some resources you can turn to:

International Red Cross

American Red Cross

Samaritan’s Purse

Mercy Corps

World Vision


List of other on-the-ground organizations


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