Update: NHC in Kremenchug, UA

December 28, 2009

December 24, 2009 …

Greetings to you our precious sister church – New Hope! Since our last letter to you it has happened a very important event in our church. We dared to conduct a regional conference on December 11 and 12. The motto of this conference was “With all power”, in which the main topic was to show an importance of development of social ministry in the church. There were 180 people on this conference from Kremenchug city and from the whole region. It was done a lot of organizational work.  We met many times together with the team trying to work out all the details.

Here are the speakers of the conference:

Genadiy Mohnenko – a pastor and an expert in the area of religion. This wonderful brother is the head of the biggest rehab center for drug addicts. His preaching had a great impact on the audience as he sheared about his experience of God`s glory. His church organized a protest against drug traffic. This ensured that many drug places were closed and drug sellers were arrested. By the way, the involvement of his church in this issue brought to the changes in the legislation of Ukraine. Everything that sheared pastor Mohnenko with inspired many people to take an active position in the society, understanding that God armed us with His power.

Vladimir Omelchuk – a pastor from Kiev. He came on the conference with the group of rehabilitated men. His church mostly consists of converted drug addicts. This church takes an active position in the society and powerfully influences on the city.

One more speaker, was a winner of beauty pageant, miss Ukraine 2007,  Lika Roman. She is a Christian and she uses her status to testify to youth of our country. Lika is invited on different meetings in different places of our country. And wherever she goes she speaks about Christ and holiness.

Before the conference we planed visitation of a few educational places, where Lika could testify about her life with God and invited young people on the evangelization concert that took place after the conference. The concert took place in the palace of culture that one we rented earlier for the services. For this concert we invited evangelization music band “Rema – X” and well familiar to you “ a powerful Alexei” who broke a chain and did many other funny stuff. More than 200 people visited this concert, half of them were unbelievers. The thing that those people responded to the invitation and participation in this conference is a miracle of God as many of them were very busy.

We highly evaluate and understand an importance of prayer. For last few months our prayer group has grown in a quality. During the conference they were fasting and we are sure that the result that exceeded all our expectations was because of the prayers of saints, including yours as well. We are very grateful for your hearts and your encouragement. We are happy to see how day by day Lord Jesus is glorifying in the things that happen in our church. Having gone through this common ministry together we have seen how much the Body of Christ can be closely-knit (in the organization of this conference were involved 45 members of our church as volunteers) and the thing that we did not have any need in any gift, God praised His name.

Here are some feedbacks about the conference:

Praise God, this conference was as the spiritual bomb in my heart! I feel like God arranged everything for me! Thanks a lot! (Alexander from Cherkassy)

Personally for me God showed that I need renew from time to time my relationship with Him. That conference was a healthy food for my spirit, but not just information. Everything was well organized, and there were invited good speakers. Thanks! (Igor from Kiev)

The conference was the best I have ever visited. The Word was spoken with the power. God told me personally to listen to Him practically. The organization and sacrifice of the team was excellent. Thanks to the ministries of the church, let the Lord richly bless you in His mercy (Vladimir from Kiev).

And other events in the NHC:

Sveta Aleksuk finished teaching the course of inductive studying of Bible that was based on the second book of Thessalonians “Planning of time”.

Natasha Melnik finished teaching the course “How to grow in Christ”. We are thankful to God for the faithfulness of students who attended these courses and we do believe it will help them in forming their Christian character.

We actively continue our ministry in the hospital for those who are sick with cancer. But we are sorry that the ministry of family club for non-Christian parents and their kids has stopped for awhile because of quarantine in educational institutions, because of epidemic.

We greet you all with the celebration of coming birth of our Christ Savior! Let in your hearts would be light all the time and That Jesus, Who was born in our hearts would continue to shine for many others. Let He strengthens your faith in accomplishment of His eternal plans. To have love and compassion to those who do not know Him. Let your hearts and spirits would be always united with His Spirit. We wish you great victories in Christ!

In Christ’s love and with prayers about you,

New Hope Church


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