Update: D. & J. (China)

December 27, 2009

December 25, 2009 …

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I know you have been receiving much regarding the more ministry side of things, and so we wanted to fill you in on what has been going on in the other parts of life.

J. is now almost eleven years old. He still wakes up at 6 am as soon as the alarm rings. He likes to have his “J alone” time and read his books. Then around 7 am he wakes us all up. He makes it a point to finish all his homework at school and returns home to his books, computer games, Tae Kwon Do, piano and playing with little B.

At the beginning of the semester, M. had a difficult time with her new teacher.  (for newcomers on our prayer list, our kids attend local Chinese school). There were a few times she came home in tears when she felt humiliated by her teacher and cried out that she didn’t want to return back to school. I went to visit the teacher with a small gift and kind words (like I did with J’s teacher when he experienced this a couple of years ago) but this only helped temporarily. Then D. visited the teacher and after talking with her, it seemed to work. Now M. is happy at school and tells us regularly that her teacher praises her in class. M. is very busy with a lot of homework and piano.

B. is now reading (with help) and will begin first grade next year. Having the gift of encouragement, he spreads joy wherever he goes. He likes to come home from kindergarten and roller blade all around our apartment. Now that Christmas is here, one of his favorite questions is, “How old is JC?” M., exercising her teaching gift, likes to reply, “2009 years old!”

As many of you have been following the development of SW Ch, I would like to share with you how much we love our spiritual home. I enjoy attending the ladies’ fellowship every week and have slowly made more friends at ch^. We’ve learned that it is actually safer to receive news through my attendance at the ladies’ fellowship than for D. to receive news directly from the brothers. It seems that the police don’t pay much attention to the ladies as to the men. Only if they knew about the serious work ladies do for His Kingdom and in the heavenly realm through tears and pr^ers!

This Christmas we had the privilege of hosting some of the Sunday School Christmas parties in our home. Due to the recent space crisis, it really was a blessing for us as well as a privilege to provide a home to a homeless ch^. I believe we had about 150 people (4 different SS classes with kids, parents & SS teachers) come through our doors this past weekend and I can honestly say D. and I were filled with joy. The kids performed their skits class by class as their parent(s) sat around. In the States it is just a given that both parents attend their child’s Christmas skit but here the seats are limited and often only one parent can come just because of limited space.We have learned so much from this ch^. We continue to be challenged and blessed by the attitude and priority of our Senior Pstr, TM. When SW had combined to worship in one joint service, I commented to M.’s SS teacher that she must be longing to hear a sermon (when there were three services, the teachers would just attend a later service for wshp). Then she shared that when there is one joint service, the senior pastor holds a service in the afternoon just for the SS teachers. D. and I were really humbled to learn of this, that during a very stressful time, he considered this a priority to feed and encourage his teachers. He personally went each time and told them that if everyone went to jail, this group of teachers would be preserved and therefore SW can begin again through them.

Urbana. This Saturday, I will be attending Urbana in St. Louis with a dozen Chinese sisters/brothers. Please pray for us that we will receive all that He has in store for us. And for protection too. After the conference, I will return back home to Beijing and D. will go to the States, meet up with the team, and take them to visit different cities (ch^es , seminaries, organizations, etc.)

To G^ be the Glory,

D. & J.


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