Choose Your Own Adventure …

December 20, 2009

REMINDER: DECEMBER 31st is the “deadline” for joining the team traveling to INDIA IN MID-MARCH 2010.

You might be thinking to yourself right now:

  • “I’m a sender, not a go-er.”
  • “God isn’t calling me to India in March.”
  • “I’m not interested.”
  • “I can’t afford it.”
  • “I feel nothing in my heart for India, JVI or Freeset.”
  • “It’s just not going to work out for me: work, school, family, children, spouse, etc.”
  • “I’ve got nothing to offer.”

These might all be true, and if they really are, we absolutely respect that. We totally dig it.

BUT, we’d also ask that you take some time to ask God honestly, humbly, and with quiet, listening hearts — as we each have done:

  • “Might You be changing me from a sender into a go-er?”
  • “Might You be calling me to this country this spring?”
  • “Might You arouse an interest in this trip in me?”
  • “Might You provide travel funds for me or make up my missed salary, miraculously?”
  • “Might You be stirring my heart for the things and people that stir Yours?”
  • “Might You take over my calendar & responsibilities, and make everything run smoothly while I’m gone for a few days?”
  • “Might Your life in me be enough for the lives around me?”

His answers might reassure you, give you relief, and turn you into an amazing prayer & support warrior FOR the India team — that’s AWESOME, and we thank you in advance!

Or, His answers might stir you up, cause a bit of discomfort, but birth GREAT EXCITEMENT in you as you prepare to travel WITH the India team!!!

Both are adventures with Christ.  Which one will He cause YOU to choose?

ANY and ALL questions about travel dates, training, finances, mission on-the-ground, visas, medical requirements, etc. can be directed to Robert N. and Cathy C..  They truly welcome the chance to talk with you about any India-related curiosities!

The India team is 4 people-strong right now.  YOU could be Member #5, #6, #7 . . . .


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