December 6, 2009

Plans are currently underway for a March 2010 trip to India, to meet and visit with JVI staff and the freeset community.  Please keep in prayer for trip plans, the trip itself, and for the team-members whom God is calling & preparing to go …

Preliminary details about the trip after the jump …

PURPOSE OF TRIP: (1) to deepen NHF’s work with freeset in a number of ways (business / marketing, and ministry to the women & children there), and (2) to get involved & get exposure to other aspects of JVI’s work & ministry.  Both purposes can be discussed & fleshed out more, but the overarching idea is that the trip would be a continuation & extension of NHF’s ongoing partnership with both organizations.

COST OF TRIP: the total cost per person would probably range b/w $2000-2500 (figure about $1500 for airfare, and the rest for accommodations / food, and other in-country travel).  JVI has a travel agent they use often; the agent is usually able to get the best flight deals around.  NHF can also do its own research & purchase (recent Internet searches show flights in the $1100 range).

TRAINING FOR TRIP: cultural & Biblical training, and reading more about JVI & its work / vision / mission.  Also, some conference calls between the team & JVI (so the team gets acclimated prior to departure).  This training would also serve as a foundation for continued service by NHF after the team’s return.  JVI hopes to kick-off with a conference call sometime in mid-January. (Training will likely not be as intense as for Ukraine trips.)

WHAT ELSE: time will be allotted for sightseeing in and around Kolkata.

OTHER PREPARATIONS: if you’re interested, definitely on-board, still praying about it, not sure but are really intrigued, please send Cathy C. an email describing some of your thought-process &  your background.  JVI would like this information so that they can try to tailor the trip according to potential team-members’ interests, inclinations & skills.  In addition, they would like to be in prayer for those whom God might be calling to take part in this trip.


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