UPDATE: D. & J. (China)

November 24, 2009

November 23, 2009:

Dear pr^ing friends,

Thanks for your pr^ers.  The L^ has shown much favor and has been answering our pr^ers.  The 7 visas on Nov 20th were all approved.  The US embassy visa officer first asked to see if there were those who didn’t speak English and when they said “yes”, he spoke in fluent Mandarin starting with calling one of our guys “[  ]”(brother G.).  The L^ arranged a Xian, an American born in Taiwan who served in an overseas Chinese ch^ to be the US visa officer to interview our group.  The officer was knowledgeable of the house ch^ movement and even knew about SW Ch^.

After asking a series of questions, he ended his time with the group by stating that this was the first time a group from China (he couldn’t find records of our Urbana 2006 trip) would be attending Urbana, so that it would be important for all to return to China so that many more from China could go to future Urbana conferences.   Two more visas were approved today in Shanghai.  We now have 11 approved with 1 more interviewing tomorrow.

Pr^ for remaining funds to be raised.  Our original cost estimates have increased.  If you would be interested in supporting a Chinese delegate, please let me know.  Urbana conference, room and board support is around $700USD.    The total cost including the Urbana portion along with the international and domestic airfare, local transportation, after Urbana travel costs is $2,500 USD/person.


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