“At the End of Slavery” (UPDATED)

November 9, 2009

NHF’s “At the End of Slavery” viewing event has been postponed until later in the winter season.  Stay tuned for details.

IJM’s “Weekend to End Slavery” is still on, so check out their website for information about how to speak up to abolish modern-day slavery, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.


International Justice Mission (IJM) is sponsoring the Weekend to End Slavery on November 14-15.

The Weekend to End Slavery is a 2-day united effort across this country to educate communities about modern-day slavery, and mobilize to end modern-day slavery in our lifetime.  The Weekend to End Slavery will involve learning about modern-day slavery & injustice, sharing the message of hope that abolition is possible, and advocating with members of Congress to use their power to end slavery.

  • Saturday, Nov. 14th, 6.30p: dinner & viewing of “At the End of Slavery” (IJM-produced film about modern-day slavery, shot on-location in Philippines, India, Cambodia and the United States).  Includes a live-webcast address from Gary Haugen, President & CEO of IJM.
  • Sunday, Nov. 15th, 2.30p: afternoon Worship with a special brief presentation by newhope4justice, NHF’s own mobilization to pursue God’s heart for justice in our community.

For more information about modern-day slavery and the film, “At the End of Slavery,” click here.

For more information about International Justice Mission, click here.


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