Update: D. & J. (China)

October 19, 2009

Dear pr^er partners,

I was about to send exciting news of praise as well as pr^er requests for recent security concerns.  However, both my praise and pr^er concerns need to be put in the back burner for now.  After my time with two [local] leaders, I realized that my local brothers are engaging in intense spiritual battles at a different magnitude that need your pr^ers this week: *Pr for PstrG.  I don’t know if words can describe his situation, but imagine leading the largest ch^ network in Beijing with the normal stresses of shepherding 1,500 people in a couple dozen locations.  The work load is so heavy that the only time he can meet with people is often after 10pm.  On top of the regular stresses of pstrl ministry, PstrG told me tonight that he was called into the police station recently and was verbally abused while four of his meeting points have been physically blocked by the police since July.  When I asked if it was worse now than during the Olympics, he said that actually it was worse last year when 200 police raided 8 of his locations.  In any case, I haven’t seen PstrG so worn and tired.  I asked how I could help and he just said, “Pr^ for me.  I’m exhausted.  This was supposed to be my sabbatical year, but it hasn’t worked out that way”.  Only the L^ knows the level of burden PstrG is enduring.  J. baked him some carrot cake since PstrG was her former English student.  What we can do for now is pr^ for PstrG that the L^ will strengthen him at this time.   
*Pr^ for PstrT.   The burden for PstrT is no less as this coming Sunday will be the last Sunday of wshp at the current location.  The police have forced the landlords to give up the current rented ch^ space of a weekly attendance of almost 1,000.   A ch^ building campaign to purchase new space has already been raised ($2.5 million USD), but another 1.2 million USD is needed in 8 days in order to purchase property.  PstrT believes that this kind of faith is going to shake the foundations of financial security of the ch^ .  Unless ch^ members are willing to sacrifice out of cost rather than surplus, there will be no spiritual strength for future mi^ons and kingdom impact.  If the funds are not in next week there will be no space for wshp and the ch^ leadership decision is to wshp outdoors in the park which would most likely lead to a clash with police followed by arrests.   PstrT is a close friend whom even during this critical time has personally shared with me, “I am at peace.  Whatever happens is in the L^’s hand”.  Two Sundays from now could shape the future urban ch^ in China or make the headline news (or both).  Pr^ for God to raise 1.2 million USD in 8 days for the ch^ to purchase property to openly wshp.  Pr^ for the ch^ leaders and members to stand firm during pressure from the authorities. 
(The ch^ is willing to receive gifts from abroad for those who feel lead.) 
Please pr^ for our two local brothers, PstrG and PstrT.  Pr^ for their spouses, their family and their ch^es during this time of hardship.  For those who want to join with me in a fast these next few days, please do so.  Thanks,


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