New Hope 4 Justice Kicks Off!

October 15, 2009

Question(s) of the bi-week: in Scripture, God clearly inclines Himself toward orphans, widows, aliens and the poor.  But these are not just ‘the other folks’; God is also talking about us.  Where do you see proof of this in His Word?  How does this change how you view ‘the other folks’?  How does this change how you view yourself?


What a great evening spent with Kim (Dr. Ferguson, if you’re nasty!), brainstorming & talking into formation the New Hope 4 Justice reading group!   Through our readings, discussions and prayer times, we hope to:

  • (1) gain a deeper understanding of “justice” as God sees it,
  • (2) align our hearts more closely with His so that we may mirror His image more accurately in our individual & corporate lives, and
  • (3) provide a stronger foundation of support & prayer for NHF’s individual & corporate activities.

You’re welcome to join us at any time, for any discussion.  This blog will be updated regularly so that you can follow along with us, and when possible, we’ll post anticipated discussion dates so that if a topic touches your heart (widows, orphans, aliens, the poor, etc.), you can drop by, listen in and chat with us that evening.

Read with us: Rich Christians In An Age of Hunger (this seminal work is only $8.85 on Amazon!)

Meet with us:  Thursday, October 29th, 7p @ Kim/Dan’s home (Yonkers, NY)

Tweet with us:  newhope4justice


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