Justice @ NHF

October 13, 2009

All are invited to the kick-off gathering of Justice @ NHF, a new reading / discussion coffee-klatch for anyone & everyone desiring to know more intimately the God of Isaiah 61:

  • Thursday, October 15th, 7.00p
  • Kim/Dan’s home in Yonkers
  • RSVP: Kim F., Cathy C. and/or Robert N.

More Justice @ NHF details:

  • WHAT: understand & explore issues of justice & poverty by diving into secular & Scriptural readings
  • WHEN: every other Thursday evening, over dinner, coffee, snacks, etc.
  • HOW: whenever you can join us … you’re always welcome to come, eat, talk & pray … read as much as you can … drop-in whenever you’d like
  • WHO: anyone & everyone even remotely interested in learning, exploring, talking, praying & pursuing the heart of God so we can be, think, love & live more like Christ
  • WHY: let’s ask ourselves: “Self, what’s your motivation?”  Isaiah 61 is our dream: to know this God and to be His anointed ministers … if we’re going to behold & broadcast the majesty & mercy of God to the community & world around us, we can’t do it on sympathy or thoughts of “It’s the right thing to do” alone … we have to understand who God is, why He cares about the poor & oppressed, and why justice & mercy matter to Him

Come be part of Justice @ NHF, and let the Lord bust your vision wide open.


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