UPDATE: H.’s Mother

October 8, 2009

As of October 8th …

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to ask pr^er for H.’s mom. We had mentioned in previous updates about a blood condition that she had been diagnosed with about 5 years ago. We thought she was healed, but recently her red blood count started to drop. The doctors recommended she take medication that would help keep her red blood count up. But one of the many side effects of this drug is that her white blood count drops drastically.

Now she is in the hospital with pneumonia and a fever that is not going down. It seems that the medications she’s receiving are not working well. Her white blood count is very low. And with all the germs floating around in hospitals, we are pr^ing for her to be protected from any other diseases and infections. So please, please pr^ for H.’s mom to quickly recover from this pneumonia. And if there is something else going on in her body, pr^ for the doctors to find this and treat it quickly.

We’ve seen the power of pr^er thru you. So if you could take a few moments right now and lift up H.’s mom, we would be very grateful.

Thank you for standing with us.

S. & H.


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