“A Huge Hello” From NHC!

September 22, 2009

What happiness to receive a note from our sister church NHC (in Kremenchug, UA) this morning!  Here’s the update from our brothers & sisters overseas …

News of «New Hope» (September 2009)

Hello Dear Sister Church New Hope, of the city of New York!

We want to share with your our latest news, the joys and blessings we’ve experienced these last months. We often remember the marvelous time we spent together serving God at the camp and ministering to our city. It was magnificent.  I hope that you also feel this way.

Recently, God gave us the opportunity to hold a water baptism. Five people were joined to our family. We held this celebration at the same place that our camp was. There were 110 people there. This time is very precious and memorable for us when we together, with thanksgiving, worship the Lord, partake of communion, eat together, rest together and fellowship. There were non-Christian friends and relatives. The church was very inspired.


Pastor Andre is slowly becoming a part of our church and his help is very effective. His gift of counseling serves as a blessing to our church. Recently, the Lord has especially been upholding us through prayer.


The outdoor Kid’s Club continues to develop and next week we’ll continue this ministry on the property of a school which is located near the park. The parents of the children are very open to furthering relationships.

Last week one other dream was realized – a mini café was opened. This is intended for fellowship with new people in the church. After the service there’s the opportunity to build bridges of friendship over a cup of coffee.

A team of sisters from our church are developing a ministry at orphanages and shelters. Two orphanages have opened their doors for us to spend time communing with them. In following letters we’ll tell you about this in detail.

We do not cease giving thanks to the Lord for the creation of this wonderful friendship between our churches! We ask that you write and tell us about what God is doing in your church; this would serve to encourage and edify us.

We love you very much! “A huge hello” to everyone!



One Response to ““A Huge Hello” From NHC!”

  1. Chae Says:

    So good to hear of such encouraging news from our sister church in Kremenchug! Thank you NHC for your love for our God and his Kingdom.
    It’s wonderful to hear of these baptisms and outreach ministries.

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