Hello From Longmeadow!

September 10, 2009

A greeting and an idea from Jen K. …

Hello from Longmeadow, MA!

Are you having a baby soon, but you already have all the stuff you need? Are you having a birthday soon, but your life is filled with so much that you really can’t think of anything that you want or need? Are you getting married and thinking that perhaps you don’t need the 8th – 14th place setting in your china set? Is your kid having yet another birthday that’s only going to result in a whole lot of clothes and toys that s/he doesn’t really need?

New Hopers, most of our lives are filled with so much blessing already that when it comes time for celebration, we need little in the way of gifts.  Recently, David shared a website with me that may offer you a solution to the “person who has everything” dilemma.  Sometimes, as both a giver and receiver of gifts, don’t you think you’d rather those gifts be redirected to people who really need it?

If you’re thinking yes, you should check out the mycharity:water website: http://mycharitywater.org/p/signIn 

This website lets you setup an account where gift-givers can make donations in the name of your event or honoree that will result in water being shared with the thirsty around the world.

DK and I did something similar for our wedding (we made a donation to our church’s missions team so that they could be an actual home for a family in Mexico) and it was so much more rewarding for everyone than sending people home  with a bag of candy and a picture frame or whatever…

Check it out!


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