Update from Namibia …

September 8, 2009

The latest from our sister, Jen … please keep praying …

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from Namibia!  Thanks you for your many prayers, I certainly felt the support of your prayers as I was traveling.  As I emailed from the airports of JFK and South Africa, God miraculously allowed me to go through without paying for the extra luggage and extra weight.  But then when I arrived in Namibia, as you heard from Seoyeon’s email, there were some complications.  The customs wanted me to pay import tax and customs tax that would come to @ $200 U.S. because I didn’t have proper paperwork.  After 20hrs of travel, we were in the airport for @ 5 hrs and we ended up leaving all the dental supplies and clothes.

Next morning, I left for Karasburg, south from Windhoek (8hrs), to join the church members @80 members from multiple churches in Windhoek for outreach.  The outreach was amazing, we did street evangelism and at nights we had tent meetings.  They organized for door-to-door evangelism with children outreach and sports (soccer & volleyball) outreach for youth.  God really prepared the way ahead where people were accepting Christ so eagerly.  With a population of 6,000, there were over 400 people that came to the Lord.  Praise God!!  There were people that came up for healing prayers and received healing miracles.  The experience was tiring but yet at the same time very exciting.

While I was in Karasburg, Seoyeon went to the Dept of Finance to get the paperwork and permits.  They went back to the airport to retrieve the left packages.  She was able to have them release the dental supplies, but not the donated clothes; they wanted us to pay custom taxes on them.  I returned Sunday evening, and yesterday (Monday) I went back to the airport to speak to the supervisor, and after hours of talking, waiting and looking through their books, they said that they cannot charge is tax on the clothes and would release the clothes to us.  Then after we signed the release papers, the supervisor comes back with another book that was updated that said that we have to pay taxes.  So I left the clothes to pick up as I depart Namibia to bring back home.  I went to the market today and the cost of clothes is cheap here, but I think that I might just pay the tax and give the clothes to the children because the number of clothes that I brought from U.S. if far more then what I can buy with the money I would save from taxes.

The children of Hope Village are very cute and I’ll be giving out dental supplies and screen the children this afternoon.  They started school today and have classes in the morning.  There is a chance I may be able to do dentistry at the local hospital, I’m waiting for my office to sent me a copy of my license.  There is so much need here, but there is much abuse as well.  Please continue to pray for us.

In His Grace,



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