U09 Update: Home, Sweet Home

July 31, 2009

11.10p local time (EST): U09 arrived home to a wonderful hullabaloo!  A whole gaggle of folks and a beautiful hand-made sign greeted us as we made our way safely & smoothly out of JFK airport this afternoon.  We all got safely over to a Korean restaurant in Flushing for dinner, then I presume and pray that everyone is currently home safe and sound, sleeping in their beds.  As our team huddled around our collected bags in the baggage claim area before coming out, we prayed and thanked God for the past 10 days, and for carrying us to Ukraine and back safely.  Tonight, we are also so thankful for all of you.

There is a lot on our minds & hearts … we hope to get some good rest in the coming days so that when the time is right, we will be alert to the Lord’s loosening of our tongues to speak His blessings to you.

For now, just know that it’s good to be home.  We miss NHC like crazy and we all agree that we could have easily and happily stayed there another 3 weeks or so.  We are glad to be here with our New Hope, and we’re refreshed to serve Christ alongside each of you.

Thank you for praying for us during our visit with our brothers & sisters in Kremenchuk.  We were indeed protected and enclosed under the shadow of God’s hand.  We indeed received great blessings, and we believe we were used to bless Ukrainians as well.  We indeed grew & strengthened our bonds with the members of NHC.  We indeed were grown, stretched and molded more and more into the image of Christ.

All glory, honor and praise unto Him.


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