U09 Update: Sunday July 26

July 26, 2009

1.15a local time: potty talk & delirium (sorry, I spelled it wrong yesterday) quickly ascended into sharing, debriefing re: today, & prayer.

So much … Went to orphanage today. For me personally, thought I was prepared this time, but no – had a hard time holding it together & had to really battle to not shut down & tune out. We were all deeply affected, not bc anything is so WRONG w/the kids, but bc their vulnerability so truly evidences the vulnerability that’s in every one of us, saved or not. How much we ALL need Jesus …

James & bob took the teenagers into a classroom to talk with them; they had some wonderful convos re: faith, sin, forgiveness. Hard to penetrate @ first but by end, they were taking prayer req’s.  Sasha in partic has such a way w/ youth: his sharing & singing also clearly moved some teens.  Bob & james are deeply touched as well; both seemed to have given their life testimonies in 1 form or another to these kids. Would that God guided their wds into partic ears… Pls ask them re: today when u see them…

JK, sunny & I hung w/the littler kids, doing crafts. So adorable, so eager, so open even in their caution & shyness. JK really connected w/ some little girls while crafting, & sunny hung w/ some young boys who wanted to sing her a song: “read your Bible everyday … And you’ll grow, grow, grow.”. I wonder how much they know & appreciate the truth of those wds.

Sunday worship w/ NHC took place just before NHF’s worship began. Dare to say we overlapped for about an hour! Such a blessing to know our 2 churches (for yes, we feel this is our church as well) worshipped the same God @ the same time.

We sang “how great is our God” w/ russian chorus before NHC, presented a slideshow of photos, and I shared notes from soy, johncho, edward.  Then I shared a wd of encour’mt from exodus 3.12: God’s wd to us is a promise not a proof; proofs can be disproved but His promise will be fulfilled.  Let both our churches, whatever the circ, whatever the desert we must cross, rely on His promises so that yes, we WILL worship Him together on that mountain on that day.

Lovely fellowship time foll’d by dinner @ italian restaurant w/leaders.  Pasta not bad! Great opp for ea of our team to thank NHC & tell of God’s blessing to us thru them.

Hung out @ pr sasha’s place after. WOW – u should see the plans he has for NHC.  Big dreams, big visions for their church,  & tho still in dreaming stage, the whole church is 100% in & already in prayer for this long- term miracle. Basically: possibility of getting a free plot of land from the city govt (25meters x 100meters), dream to build 3-story church/inductive Bible study institute (pr sasha says too many ppl talk ABOUT the Bible, not enuff talk THE Bible), & sanctuary to hold 700-900ppl.  In prime part of town, by park where they’ve been doing weekly outreach & right next to technical college where pr sasha teaches xian ethics. The architect’s markup is amazing. We were inspired, tearfilled, soooo excited to see this, & to firsthand witness sasha’s faith & obedience to God.  Pr sasha is no wacko, no flighty dreamer.  He is as grounded as can be in the Lord, & as some american missionaries who know him & the church well put it: “oh, it’s GOING to get done.”. Amazing.  The heart pounds w/ excitement & it suddenly feels very real that revival might explode in kr’chuk, then ukraine, then sweep europe, tho many think it lost to secularism.

Nice breezy way home … Some nominal late-night hilarity which james videotaped. He’ll try to say he had no part of it & that’s why he was camerman. Don’t u believe a word of that!

Good time of winding down & sharing.  So much to take in and accept from God. We pray for inspiration (this is what a life full in Christ can be) rather than condemnation (why can’t u be more like these believers?). Jeehyun has good pt: NHC’s commitment to focus all their outreach on nonbelievers is so risky, so scary! But soooo good. It is like they r the early church…

We pray against frustration about our own seeming futility back in the States, and for the Spirit to sustain in us God’s dreams for us individually & for NHF corporately. His dreams for us r bigger & better than our own dreams for ourselves.  We have renewed appreciation for edward, who has been preaching & teaching these years the very things that can equip us to live this same fullness in Christ. If NHC can spark revival in ukraine, why can’t NHF spark revival in tarrytn, then USA? There is no reason not. We resolve to stop overthinking & having “no” or even “maybe” or even worse “later” be our default responses to God’s calls, commands, visions.

Pls pray for us: (1) contd team bonding & hilarity; it’s so good to laugh together even over silly things; (2) protection against frustration, self-flagellation, discour’mt – may our hearts be open to grow and may God only fill the extra spaces created; (3) tomm: join w/ 2 other ministries to start street evangelism – basicsally hop on bus & drive around till we see lrg grp of ppl, hop off, evangelize & engage; sounds scary but exciting – we want to be bold & unafraid for Christ; give Him no indictment of us when we stand before Him on the last day; (4) smooth logistics & good fell’ship w/ add’l ppl; (5) contd opp to keep growing in friendship & ministry partnership w/ folks @ NHC; (6) NHC, pr sasha, their amazing God-given plans.

Pray also for indiv protection over each of us, that we’d treasure in the secret parts of our hearts all that God gives to each of us.  Sunny, robert, james, jeehyun, cathy … Please etch us on your minds this week!

Personal req, if I may: I’ve developed low-grade fever & chills; also, numbness & pain in left shoulder expanding & worsening, to spasms in upper arm. Pls pray for miraculous healing tonight as I sleep. Pray for ALL members’ health & physical protection.

@ worship today, we sang: “shout to the Lord, all the earth, let us sing: power & majesty, praise to the King … Nothing compares to the promise I have in you.” We pray those words resonate w/u & be true for u this day.  God bless u,

C on behalf of u09


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