U09 Update: Day 2 at camp

July 24, 2009

1.43a local time; 2nd and last day @ camp is over. Note to self: 2 days is not nearly enough for camp, to refresh old friendships, to make new ones, to finish conversations, to get used to the squatty-potties, to be eager for more delish borscht, to take another dip in the river, to complete crafts, to practice our russian, to remember the russian we practiced, etc etc etc.

2 days is not nearly enuff for us to soak in the fact that we feel at home here.  This team is made up of 5 ppl who do not know how to say something they don’t mean, so when we say aloudn “we feel at home here, it’s so weird,” one has to know how much we mean it. 2 days is not enuff to even begin to thank God for His miracles, provisions, blessings, movements…

Speaking of movements… Well, that’s talk for another day; suffice to know that we’re all fine, at least acc to James’ sliding scale of satisfaction.  (Don’t ask; we were tired when this scale was created.)

Today: delish breakfast; morning crafts with children; swimming in the river (James and Bob swam to the other side; very impressive); delish lunch; watched cement dry (no joke); created sliding scale of satisfaction; afternoon worship where JK shared and we performed 2nd skit; more crafts with children; delish dinner; more swimming in the river; and then, the big late night show…

These folks don’t fool around when it comes to skits; it’s truly all or don’t even bother showing up. Highlites around the theme of “David & goliath”: men in tutus performing ballet version (best battle scene ever, pas de deux), youth group perf’ing opera version, anothr grp doing horror version, another – soap opera, etc.  Totally awesome & hilarious.

Nighttime snack was so tasty and then fireworks celebration for Igor’s 18th bday (son of zhenya & sveta who hosted us for dinner last year).  Then just hanging out & talking. Prayed with some seekers, caught up w/ old friends, I got to talk some with pr. Sasha & share re: our church families…

Sad news: a good friend of sasha (1 of our interpreters & the one who visited NHF 2 yrs ago) drowned in another pt of the river today while visiting youth @ another church camp. Bc it fell dark, search for his body called off. Quite shocking & devastating for many here; pls be in prayer for all the victim’s friends & family. The 25yr old man was a strong swimmer & worked with youth @ NHC’s mother church; his death is a tragic mystery to all. & many will be affected. Surely God has something good in this somehow …

James & sunny shared @ end-of-camp testimony time. Good to hear them and jeehyun speak on behalf of our grp today. So many thanks & prayers of gratitude & blessing lifted up for us by the folks here, but they are wrong; we’re the ones who are thankful & blessed. I try on behalf of the 4 others, but words can’t describe.

From pr. Sasha’s mouth to NHF: we love you. So much power lost from those words in this day & age when ppl, even we, throw them about so easily. But pls know how gravely, how heavily, how lovingly he meant & means it. He also plays not with words; his “we love you” on behalf of NHC to all of you is true.

Tomm: back to the city in the morn; afternoon to shower & rest; then 5p ministry in public park. Complete with clowns – SCARY!  Then yes … Massages in the evening, thanks to our lifeline Luda. Hee hee.

I think I can speak for team: 2 days is not enough. Already the heart grows heavy re: the folks we won’t see again during our remainder here… And the fact that once we’re back in the city, the countdown has really begun to our departure. The days will fly, and no offense, but … We really like it here.  When we wake tomm morn … We’re already stepping into the home stretch.

Pls pray that our hearts be protected & that we’re able to treasure & maximize each day.

Pls continue to pray for us: cont’d team unity and deep love for each other; sustained energy & good cheer in Christ; loving outreach on saturday; sufficient rest and good health. Pls pray for our interpreters Luda, Lena, Tanya, Sasha, & Anna.  Pls pray for our beloved sasha and others who are mourning. Pls pray for bro’s & sis’s here who love you so much tho they have never seen you. Their grace & peace to you in Christ.

Cathy on behalf of u09


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