U09 Update from the Camp

July 23, 2009

July 23 11.15pm (local time) On thurs nite: full day @ camp. Soooo good to see all our old friends. The “girls” are now young ladies – all grown up in faith and in fact. So great to see. Everyone is the same: zhenya and wife sveta, vassya and wife lena, pr sasha and wife luba… All say they missed us so much, and even I didn’t realize exactly how much I missed them too until their faces were before me.

 Thank God, acquaintance was easy, all get along with translators. Russian is coming back to me too; how is it that I end up translating?!

Good mtg w/pr sasha: able to convey edwd’s greetings as well as greetings from NHF. Told of miracle fundraising day on 19th. Heard of amazing things NHC is doing here. The jaw drops, actually. How much they love their city and the lost ppl in it. Do I love westchester and its ppl this much? …

1st worship together: rec’d such a warm welcome as Bob introduced team. Performed “everything” skit; ppl quite moved. Not incidentally, someone pulled my hair really hard, and james punched me in the back of the head with a closed fist. “Uhhh, that might’ve been me” he says. Thanks guys.

Jeehyun supposed to give testimony tonight (she volunteered!) But worship was packed sched so postponed til tomm. Also, wait til u see our spur of the moment talent show skit. The beauty of the utterly absurd …

Uber intense volleyball tourney: dare not get involved but james did us proud.

Lots of good convos. Bob and JK talking lots w/a few married couples; sunny talked a lot with recovering drug addicts (edwd: recall the man w/ cane from last summer); james hanging w/ men and everyone; I’m getting to know college women better.

Edwd: keybd sasha is in cali since march or so.  Still w/ jane (zhenya).

Everyone asks after edwd, u07 and u08 members.

Toilets are primitive but CLEAN; water is great; facilities excellent (@ diff camp than last year).   Food is excellent, as always.

Babies: oksana had son Darius and pr sasha had son Mark. They are awesomely cute.  Marta got married and is preggo; due any day but she’s here @ camp.  Wow!

Going to go wash up for bed. Feel soooo blessed, not even I can put into words.  All feel at home here; so comfy among bros and sis’s.

Note: the # of sasha’s has doubled. When memory fails, just say “sasha.”

We miss you, but … We’re so happy to be here on your behalf and our own. We will do you proud as your ambassadors, and unto the glory and pleasure of Christ.

Pls keep praying for us: all our requests.  Esp health, protection, cont’d team bonding, easy friendshp and communication w/ NHC, etc etc etc.

God be with you as He is with us.
C on behalf of u09


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