Thank You, From U09

July 19, 2009

The U09 team departs for Ukraine this Tuesday, July 21.

On the wings of your prayers, dear NHF brothers & sisters, the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God, the team is prepared, packed and ready to submit our fears of flying, strangers and language & cultural barriers to the fear of the Lord and His good & perfect will.

To keep in prayer for U09 throughout the duration of our trip, please contact Tom at for the link to our Prayer Calendar and our daily schedule of events.  Also, keep an eye out here for updates from abroad.  (You can also check out updates and updated daily schedules at our official U-trip website .)

We are overwhelmed by your generosity of finances, love, prayer, support and encouragement.  And at all times, in Christ and through Christ.

Thank you.

God’s love,
(Sunny A., James A., Catherine C., Jeehyun K., Robert N.)


One Response to “Thank You, From U09”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Dear U09 Team,
    May your trip be filled with love and joy as you make your way to Ukraine and shine God’s glory to the people there. We wish you a safe trip and we thank the Lord for this incredible opportunity.

    We’ll be in prayer:)
    In Christ,
    Rachel and Christie (7/21/09)

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