YABA: Yet Another Baby Announcement

July 15, 2009

From our brother DK, camped out at Stamford Hospital with Jen:

Jen  gave birth to a 7lbs 12oz boy this evening, via c-section, with no help from DK.  The boy is temporarily named Baby Kim (aka StrongBoy, aka MiniKong), as ongoing negotiations have not yet matured into mutually beneficial zoning, naming, and cross-border trade rights.  Nevertheless, those close to the negotiations expect an agreement to be signed within the next 24 hours…  UPDATE: HIS NAME IS ETHAN.

Jen will be happy to field visitors once she’s had some time to recover (miyuk-guk partaaaay!). Many thanks for all your support and prayers.



One Response to “YABA: Yet Another Baby Announcement”

  1. Sunny Ahn Says:

    Congratulations Kim family!! Welcome Ethan!!! We are so happy you have joined us. We will miss ya all and please come back quickly from Mass. Its TOO Cold up there. We are much “COOLER” people to hang.

    May God Bless you as you grow up to be strong, fearful of God and grow up to be a Godly man. You have an amazing earthly parents who will Love you and take a good care of you. (they can be a bit “wacky”).

    You are very luck to have your parents. I am sure you are going to find them as pretty “hip” parents. Please visit us REAL SOON!\

    With much Love and Joy,
    Ahn family (Stan, Sunny, Rachel, Christie)

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