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July 9, 2009

As per The New York Times, Dr. Francis S. Collins, noted geneticist, pioneering head of the Human Genome Project and author of “The Language of God,” has been nominated to head the National Institutes of Health.  You can read the article here, and check out Dr. Collins’ book — which describes his conversion to Christianity as a medical student, and his application of faith to science — here.

On another note, are you enjoying your downtime this summer, but also wondering what sorts of new things you might be able to explore in the fall, when the kids go back to school and you have some more personal time on your hands?

Alliance Theological Seminary @ Nyack College (ATS) — home base of our Summer Retreat speaker, Dr. Ron Walborn, and stomping ground of our very own John C. — is offering a full load of interesting classes you can take to fire up your brain for the Lord.  Did you miss Perspectives at church?  Do you wish you knew a little more cultural and political background so your reading of the Old Testament books made more sense?  Do you want to be a better Christian apologist and firm up your understanding of orthodox Biblical doctrine?  Have you never experienced a graduate-school professor opening class-time with a prayer of blessing over his students and a reading from Scripture?  Then feel free to explore your options at ATS.  All of the Seminary classes are available to be audited (no papers, no quizzes, no exams — just lots of happy listening), and a small handful of the classes at the Graduate School of Counseling may also be audited.  Classes are offered during days, evenings and weekends.

On a similar note, Dr. John & Helen Ellenberger, longtime missionaries to Indonesia (they hit the field in 1957!) will be the Missionaries-In-Residence at Nyack College / ATS for the 2009-10 academic year.  They provided the first translation of the Damal New Testament in Indonesia, and Dr. Ellenberger started the Graduate School of Missions at ATS.  He will be teaching several missions-oriented courses at ATS during the coming year.

And finally, for those of you who are interested in Global Development from a Christian perspective … Dr. Nina Balmaceda, an attorney and assistant professor of Political Science at Nyack College, will start teaching graduate-level Seminary courses in Global Development & Peace.  Dr. Balmaceda has served as a Special Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Latin American Network of Christian Lawyers, and as International Advisor to PeaceMaking Ministries.  Her first course at ATS will be a Saturday Fast Track entitled “International Politics/Global Issues.”  If you are interested in Global Development, please check out this course.

Any questions about ATS can be directed to Cathy at cathy.cha@nhf-online.org.


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  1. Jen Kim Says:

    thanks for posting such an interesting set of tidbits

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