U09: The Hardest Part

June 14, 2009

There is always that pause, right before you click “SUBMIT” to authorize a major credit-card online purchase, when your heart races and your lungs tighten.  You feel a little bit like you can’t breathe, and your fingers tremble slightly over the computer keyboard.  You wonder if you entered all the information accurately, if you got the dates right, if you spelled everything correctly, if you really found the best deal possible.  And after endless minutes of hemming and hawing, the moment comes where you just have to bite the bullet, and buy those darn plane tickets that will zip you and four of your brothers and sisters over to a place of great blessing and joy.  So, with a vague sheen of nervous perspiration starting to sprout up, you do it — you click “SUBMIT” — and wait for the world to implode.  It doesn’t, and so you finally allow yourself the small luxury of self-ridicule.

Shoot, if buying those plane tickets to Ukraine was the hardest part, U09 is going to be a breeze!

It’s official, friends!  Your U09 teamSunny, James A., Cathy, Jeehyun and Robert — is locked in, and they are well into training and receiving blessings so that they can be blessings in Kremenchug, UA.  Please continue praying for these five U09-ers.

And not unimportantly, please also keep in prayer for:

  • Pastor Sasha & New Hope Church: their preparations for Summer Retreat and our joint ministry & evangelization
  • yourselves: U09 trains & travels on the wings of your faith & your support, and the team will be carrying to Ukraine your affection and your blessings for your brothers & sisters abroad.

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