Boom Shaka-laka-laka..

June 10, 2009

NHF Softball completed the grueling 12-inning marathon by chalking up another valuable W. The third win in the last three games was a well-deserved reward for the game plan of “small ball a.k.a. little ball”. Every batter (John H., John K., another John K., John C., Kyu, Peter, Min, Will, James J., James A., Ken, David, Paul, Cesar, Chai) focused on getting to first base and that they did. They were all able to get onto base either by a keen-eye walk or a well-placed slap at the ball. The many base runners ended up placing immense pressure on Mosaic’s defense.

At the end of the regulation 7 innings, the score was 10-10. The 8th came and went. The 9th came and went. The 10th came and went. The 11th came and went. And in the top of the 12th, Mosaic was able to squeeze one run home. Some NHFers hung their heads low at the impending defeat, while others held their heads high happy that they’d be showered-up at home with a warm meal within the hour. As the NHFers jogged off the field in the middle of the 12th, the crowd (of about 5 adults and 5 children) heard the murmur of players talking about the possibility of winning and taking home the valuable season points.

Chai S., John H., and Ken K. promptly grabbed bats and warmed up with a couple long and confident practice swings. As Chai stepped into the batter’s box, he was sure he’d get on base. And so he did. Next up, John ripped a line-drive up the middle in what was apparently a double until the ball rolled through the legs of the center fielder. With that error, John was able to reach third and Chai came home to tie the game at 12-12. The fidgety crowd viewed Ken “The Clutch” K.’s practice swings with full knowledge that he had the strength and skill to knock the socks off the ball (if the ball only had socks). As usual, Ken made solid contact and sent the now-deformed Clincher softball far into center field for a sacrifice fly and the win.

The win came as no surprise to “The Legends” James J., Paul J., Cesar C., and Chai S. who were cleared by team doctor, Nathan H., shortly before the singing of the National Anthem. At the post-game press conference, they exclaimed in unison, “yeah.. we knew that we’d take the stresses at home out on the ball.”

NHF Softball will have its last game of the season at home against Chodae at Sleepy Hollow H.S. this Sunday evening at 5:15pm.


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