NHF Missions & Outreach Week 2009 (MOW’09)

June 4, 2009

From June 1 – 7, 2009, NHF will observe and celebrate Missions & Outreach Week 2009 (MOW’09).

During MOW’09, NHF members will join our hearts together and to the heart of God, remembering our supported missionaries and outreach partners in prayer from June 1 – 6.  Then, on Sunday, June 7, we’ll celebrate a special Missions-centered Worship Service, anchored in prayer & praise, with a special sharing from B. and H., currently in the United States on sabbatical.

We invite you to prayerfully prepare for this special week of looking outward and holding the Gospel forth, with the vision, love and power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to sign up on the MOW’09 Prayer Calendar, you can still pray along with others who have committed to do so, according to the suggested schedule set forth.  Check out the Prayer Calendar after the jump …

Monday, June 1 :: Even Start (Tarrytown, NY) Please pray for (1) Even Start’s pending grant proposals to be accepted so that their funding will not cut off at the end of August; (2) Even Start families who are suffering because of the economic pinch; (3) extremely poor families who are struggling even to feed themselves and their children; (4) continuing benefit to come from the Even Start Literacy and Health-Literacy programs; (5) sustained energy & enthusiasm on the part of teachers and staff; (6) steady growth of friendship between our two communities; (7) a happy time of fellowship, celebration and worship at our Joint Picnic on June 14th.

Tuesday, June 2 :: NHC (New Hope Church) & U09 (Kremenchuk, UA) Please pray for (1) God to speak loudly during this last week of decision-making for those thinking & praying about being part of U09; (2) the U09 team’s training and being bound together in grace, power, love and purpose over the next 7 weeks; (3) the Holy Spirit to be laying a firm and beautiful foundation for our joint ministry with New Hope Church in late-July; (4) continued blessing and spiritual feeding & refreshment for New Hope Church members; (5) the Lord to use NHC mightily as His ambassador in Kremenchuk and throughout Ukraine, bringing hope, new life, strength and life-change to millions.

Wednesday, June 3 : David Song (South Africa) Please pray for (1) David’s team’s recent outreach in Uganda (to orphans and vulnerable children) to result in sustained spiritual blessing and renewal in that nation; (2) good health and healing for David and many on his team who have recently suffered many bouts of varying illnesses & colds; (3) the Lord to continue to provide for all of his financial and practical needs of ministry; (4) God’s protection over David and his team against the enemy’s attacks, and for them to be ably-equipped warriors for Christ.

Thursday, June 4 :: D. & J. (China) Please pray for (1) God’s work of reconciliation in intra-house-church conflicts; (2) God’s protection over Chinese believers and Christian leaders, both physically and spiritually; (3) continued provision of wisdom and mercy in the consulting business and language training school; (4) the strong development of young believing leaders (especially among the intellectual, economic and political elite); (5) the Lord’s strong hand to be guiding plans for leaders’ summits, Lausanne meetings and travel to this year’s Urbana conference in the U.S.; (6) God’s covering over D. & J.’s marriage, and their three children, and a wonderful time of refreshment and reunion during their furlough in the States this summer.

Friday, June 5 :: S. & H. (Central Asia) Please pray for (1) S. & H.’s marriage and family to be protected and strengthened, so that on the firm foundation of their united faith, God would rest His Kingdom work; (2) the business (umbrella business covering language school, vocational training, a chicken farm, etc.) to grow quickly, receive adequate financing and thrive in its goals; (3) local believing leaders to rise up in their equipping and to be unafraid to live and speak the Gospel of Christ; (4) S. & H.’s personal relationships and friendships to be fertile and loving ground from which to sow new hearts & lives for Christ; (5) nurturing protection over their new baby daughter, and continued refreshment during their last weeks of furlough here in the U.S.

Saturday, June 6 :: B. & H. (SE Asia) Please pray for (1) the Spirit of God to restore, refresh and renew them during their current furlough here in the U.S.; (2) continued protection over their family (with 2 young children), both physically and spiritually; (3) them and their team to receive the Lord’s pleasure & encouragement as a result of the Bible translation work they have already completed – praise God!; (4) sustained energy, enthusiasm and ability to keep moving forward with the hard work of translating the Bible into a mostly-oral local language; (5) the provision and spiritual growth of local, native believers, who can be equipped with the skills necessary to help with the translation work; (6) protection over the entire translation team from spiritual attack, and physical temporal persecution.


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