Enter the Dominican Republic

June 3, 2009

The bye week from league play proved to be a fruitful Sunday afternoon, although the scoreboard would suggest otherwise. NHF was beaten to a pulp (a fruitful one) by the Dominican men of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown in a game that ended in forfeit after 2ish-innnings.

After “throwing in the towel”, the captains made a joint and good decision to mingle the teams. Once the teams were shuffled and play resumed, the remainder of the day was significantly more enjoyable for everyone. It was an even game with a pitcher’s battle for the history books.

How’d this relationship even kindle? It all started a few weeks ago when the mostly-Korean-American softballers from NHF and the mostly-Dominican softballers from Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown “ran into” each other at the practice field on a Wednesday evening. The chat was exciting, a few telephone conversations followed suit, and a game was scheduled.

The best part of Sunday hands-down was the baptismal service at the First Baptist Church. But right behind that had to be that FBC softballers joined the game and in the midst of sports all players (Dominican, NHF, FBC) huddled together under the massive tree up the 3rd base line to suck on water bottles furnished by the Dominicans and chat about “life”.  Please keep all evangelism methods in thought and prayer.

NHF Softball will have a league match-up at home playing Mosaic this Sunday at 5:15pm. Please come out and bring your cameras. Players will be available for a short signing session afterwards.


One Response to “Enter the Dominican Republic”

  1. chaesq Says:

    I would just like to know … have any autographs actually ever been requested?

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