Chalk Up Another …

May 26, 2009



NHF Softball went from a 25% to a 40% winning percentage at 7pm on Sunday evening by outworking Chodae 21-13 at the Sleepy Hollow H.S. in Tarrytown.

Down 3-7 going into the 5th, NHF resisted the temptation to swing and waited patiently for Chodae’s pitcher to throw strikes. The strikes failed to come and NHF’s batters galloped to the free bases. With Dennis on 2nd and James at 1st, the strong bats of Ken, Paul, and David powered the runners around the diamond and home for some scores. The fortune continued with creative singles from Robert, Cesar, Chae, Kyu, and Min. In all, 8 runs came home and NHF took the lead 11-7. The bottom of the 5th had Chodae bring in their secret weapon, Dr. Hahn. His swift surgical hands duped NHF into thinking that he would knife his way to a fast single. Instead a smooth swing crushed the now-deformed Clincher ball into the left-center field fence. 4 runs scored and Chodae tied it up at 11-11.

Ball go.. over there.

Ball go.. over there.

Taking advantage of the good bats

Taking advantage of the good bats

All is OK

All is OK

Playing shorthanded, NHF’s resident “Good Guy” John K., stepped-in to play catcher for Chodae. Yet, that wasn’t enough. By the power of “little ball”, the return of new daddy John C., the roaring crowd of “the groupies”, and Mastermind David’s 100% batting average, NHF scurried to earn 6 in the 6th and 4 in the 7th which proved to be too many runs for Chodae to catch.

Mastermind David spotting where he'll hit next

Mastermind David spotting where he'll hit next

During the battle, Tim and Chae sustained major injuries and Ken and John K. sustained minor injuries. Sadly, the Disabled List numbers are growing to equal the active roster. The once-calm G.M. John H. stated that “it’s frustrating to lose players this late in the season due to quad, hamstring, and calf injuries” before pushing our anonymous nhfnews correspondent to the ground.

A reliable source affiliated with nhfnews has obtained information about a “pact.” The heavy pressure from the organization’s higher-ups will “no longer be ignored.” All players have signed a “Gumbi Clause” legally binding them to stretch and run laps before each practice and game. In order to fulfill its mission of League Champions (and winning as often as NHF women deliver babies), NHF Softball cannot afford to lose another (player) to an injury.

NHF Softball will have an exhibition game at home this Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm against the local Hispanic men of Sleepy Hollow. Their next league match-up will also be a home game playing Mosaic the weekend of June 7th.

Please come out and bring your cameras. Players will be available for a short signing session afterwards.

Edit: To “the groupies”: Thanks for coming out in droves, wildly cheering, and patiently supporting through the downs and ups.


2 Responses to “Chalk Up Another …”

  1. DK Says:

    My best side!

  2. chaesq Says:

    Great game, NHF Softball! Take good care of yourselves this week, and we’ll cheer louder next time.

    Worst-case scenario: we can get all the NHF babies wailing at the same time; that should be sufficient to affect the opposing team’s inner ears and derail their equilibrium. (Don’t fine me for the sabotage plan.)

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