Bring it! .. it’s been Broughten.

May 19, 2009

Our beloved NHF Softball team has done it. NHF held onto a large lead for their first win this season by a score of 18-15. Their first win came as a road win against a youthful Arcola Covenant team in Paramus, NJ this past Sunday evening.

What was it? It had to be the synergy, no doubt. In addition to the momentum of NHF’s bats, the consistent pitching, and the cat-like reflexes of NHF’s infielders, the return of team regulars John K., Andrew, Tom, and Ken proved too much to handle.

Although no pictures were taken, nhfnews has acquired a few snapshots of the action.

-From the starting prayer, the energy of teammates Peter, Will, John K., John H., Kyu, Andrew, Tom, Ken, Chris, and James A. was apparent to everyone in the stadium.

– Peter “The Bull” Y. was the starting pitcher and with the assistance of his defense, sent many batters packin’ back to their dugout.

– John H. was on first base after yet another bold walk-off walk. At the crack of the bat, he ran with antelope-like speed to second base only to be forced out and pegged square in the chest/forearm by the 2nd baseman’s throw to first base. After what seemed to be a 15-second shriek, he hobbled off with a smirk for breaking up the double play.

– The front page picture goes to a defensive debacle. In the bottom of the 3rd, Peter “The Bull” Y, saw one of his famous curveballs drifting the wrong way, back towards the plate. The Arcola batter made contact and as Peter’s head swung up and to the right, he pointed to the sky in desperation for a fielder to catch the ball. Resident shortstop, Tom Y., saw it and wanted it. Yet, so did the acrobatic leftfielder, James A. To spare you, the public, of the grotesque graphic, they collided. It was loud and painful. Both players fell face-down to the ground and awaited medical attention. As fellow outfielder, Andrew K., would later state “…it looked like our season was done right there,” and everyone was heavily concerned. Soon thereafter, the crowds cheered wildly as both men waved off the stretchers and promptly returned to their positions, ready for the next batter.

NHF Softball will have its next game at home against Chodae at Sleepy Hollow H.S. this Sunday evening at 5:15pm.

Please come out and bring your cameras. Players will be available for a short signing session afterwards.


2 Responses to “Bring it! .. it’s been Broughten.”

  1. chaesq Says:

    Bulls, antelopes and 15-second-long shrieks. It’s a veritable jungle out there. (Never mind that such animals are not to be found in jungles.) We are sooooo proud of you, especially those who took some for the team! Bring it home for U09!!!!!

  2. DK Says:

    Autographs!? Awesome…

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