Greetings From NHC

May 8, 2009

A note from Pastor Sasha at New Hope Church, in Kremenchuk, UA

Hello, our dear brothers and sisters.  Sorry for some pause in our communication.  I am studying in a theological seminary in Kiev at the faculty of “Master of administration”.  I had my session in April and I had to write a lot of paper works, so I spent a lot of time in studying.  I even did not preach for two months.  Recently I returned from a studying session that lasted for two weeks, and now I am coming back to a normal rhythm of life.  At the time of my absence the leaders had the opportunity to participate in the service. 

The church continues to grow and I am glad about that.  In April, our church had the baptism, and five more people joined to our church.  We have started a new ministry.  In the college dormitory we started to do sports for girls, and after that we study God’s Word.  It has passed more than a month since we started this ministry for non-believers.  There come about 15 girls.  Also, four sisters from our church have dedicated themselves to this ministry.

Sveta (Zhenya`s wife), started the group and teaches a course “Covenant”.  They study the Bible by inductive way.  We rejoice when we see people who want deeply study the Bible and want to build their lives on this fundament.  In this spring, we had a few times picnic with the whole church.  We worshiped the Lord, played games and relaxed.  These are the main events of the past few months.  The church continues to grow.  Mark is already turned 7 months old.  This is hard time for us as parents, because his upper teeth grow.

According to the ministry for children in the summer time.   We might have one or two meetings in the orphanage.  We are planning to have some street evangelizations in the city.  That would be good if you prepare anything for this participation.  They may be in different places of the city.  We will write some more details later.

God gives his mercy and allows us to participate in His ministry.  We are looking forward to meet you.  Love you very much!


 Mark (Pr. Sasha & Luba’s 7 month-old son)


Sports ministry to college women


One of the care groups (“Family Clubs”)


Easter Worship

 крещение весна 09

Baptism Service


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