Faith & Culture Devotional

May 8, 2009

Here’s a little something interesting, called “A Faith and Culture Devotional,” containing readings in Bible & Theology, History, Philosophy, Science, Literature, Art, and Contemporary Culture.  Contributors to the book include Randy Alcorn, Kerby Anderson, Ray Bohlin, Walter Bradley, James Scott Bell, Francis Collins, William Lane Craig, John Eldredge, Keith Getty, Chris Gilbert, Sandra Glahn, Guillermo Gonzalez, Fred Harburg, Frederica Matthewes Green, Gary Habermas, Arch Hart, Bruce Herman, Walter Kaiser, Greg Koukl, Joy Jordan Lake, Catherine Larson, Rick Larson, JP Moreland, John Mark Reynolds, Hans Rookmaaker, Hugh Ross, Jody Hassett, Sanchez, R.C. Sproul, Sam Storms, Michael Strauss, Charles Thaxton, Drew Trotter, Catherine Hart Weber, James Emory White, Dallas Willard, Philip Yancey, Kelly Monroe Kullberg, and Lael Arrington.

More details from the Zondervan website after the jump …

Kelly Monroe Kullberg and Lael Arrington weave together inspiration and illumination, engaging both heart and mind with each daily devotion.  In this collection of short, accessible readings, Kullberg and Arrington explore significant ideas, people, and events from a Christian worldview, causing readers to wonder at the genius, power, and beauty of Jesus.

[Kullberg and Arrington] offer a daily guided tour through many of the paintings, laboratories, rock arenas, great books, mass movements, and private lives that have shaped the ways in which we think and live.  This educational devotional will inspire us to go beyond critique to creativity as we discover the wonder of God in seven subjects—theology, history, philosophy, science, literature, art, and contemporary culture.

Explore significant ideas, people, and events from a Christian worldview in a format that fits your busy life.  A Faith and Culture Devotional will help bridge the artificial gap between learning truth and loving God—inspiring you with the wonder at the genius, power, and beauty of Jesus Christ.



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