U09 (Ukraine 2009) [UPDATED]

April 13, 2009

[Updated April 13, 2009: the dates of the trip have been changed.  The team will now depart NY on Tuesday night, July 21, and return to NY on Friday evening, July 31.]

[Updated April 6, 2009:  A note from Sasha Nagaevski’i (a U-team interpreter) provides more details of what U09 will be doing this summer, in Kremenchuk: “… we would love you to be with us and participate in the camp.   We think camp is very important time to evangelize as we are expecting to have there about 30% nonbelievers.  [After returning to the city of Kremenchuk], we are expecting to have some evangelizations with your participation.  That is going to be a really busy time.  We are going to have meetings in the orphanages and in Kremenchug itself.”]

If it’s spring, that means our annual trip to our sister New Hope Church in Kremenchuk, UA, is right around the corner!

Is God asking you to be part of UKRAINE ’09 (U09)? Please think and pray about your potential U09 team membership. (Even if you have no intention or desire to be part of U09, please join us in starting to pray now for the Team’s formation, preparations, training and travels, as well as for our sister church in NHC and the joint ministry we anticipate this summer.)

More details and updates after the jump …


Tuesday, July 21(night departure) — Friday, July 31 (evening arrival)


* “Quality time” spent in fellowship & relaxing at NHC’s Summer Camp (Retreat in the countryside)
* Joint “everyday” ministry to youth, drug addicts, alcoholics, the poor & elderly (in the city of Kremenchuk)
* Special outreach & evangelism (in the city of Kremenchuk)
* Continuing to build bridges of sisterhood between NHF & NHC


* Slated to start in mid- to late-May, and proceed weekly through July
* Will include Russian-language training by Laura T.


*  We aim to have the U09 team formed by early-May.  So please be diligent, open and faithful in your thinking & praying.  Please let Cathy C. and/or Robert N. know of your interest as soon as God tells you, “GO.”
* If you’d like more details, please contact Robert and/or Cathy at any time.
* If you are concerned about logistics, child-care and other similar issues, please speak with James & Soyeun J. to hear of their experience while Soyeun was in Ukraine last summer.
* If you’re having a hard time deciding or praying through your decision, Pastor Edward, Robert and Cathy would be happy to talk and pray with you, at any time, any place.
* U-alumni are welcome back.

God’s love, and да благословит Бог тебя (“God bless you”).


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