WM Retreat 09: Reflections

March 24, 2009

Some words of reflection from some women who attended “Hear and Receive,” the annual NHF Women’s Retreat held at Mariandale Retreat & Conference Center this past weekend …

“It is fascinating and delightful to share a spiritual journey with the sisters at NHF … Thanks to the brave sisters who shared their life stories of how God entered in.  Encourages the rest of us to be open so we can shine His light by also sharing our stories when time comes.  Also, there was something I HEARD this morning when I woke up while still dark out, here at Mariandale.  A short sentence from the Lord that brought me tears & tears of joy, relief … So yes, I can remember from NHF Women’s Retreat 2009: I heard & I received!  He is so good….”

“It’s humbling to know that God has planted a desire to serve Him and that desire has stuck to my heart.  I don’t know how, but I am excited at the thought of God using me to bear fruit for His Kingdom.  This is what He has spoken:  ‘You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.  Remain in me and I will remain in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.  Neither can bear fruit unless you remain in me.’  John 15.3-4.  Remaining in him means acknowledging that everything comes from Him and is meant to glorify Him … Him only.  He also reminded me that I am still a work in progress … two short-term goals to focus on through prayer and obedience: (1) Strengthen my spiritual discipline, and (2) Pray for healing and reconciliation in my family (I didn’t know we had issues, but God sees brokenness that needs mending.  It will have to start with me.)”

“The concept of ‘Hear and Receive’ was difficult to wrap my mind around, because it felt like so long since I had heard His voice.  In recent weeks, I’ve become – thankfully – reattuned to His timbre, and have heard Him speak in spurts of whispers.  Ironic then, that during a weekend when I sought quiet and rest, He virtually screamed to me these words: ‘BE STILL.’  It was a command, and a loud one at that.  Not to be still for any purpose (even to know that He is God) or to get something from the stillness.  Just to BE.  STILL.  God was done whispering and coddling; He had some things to say and He was going to start saying them.  I’m a little afraid, for God hasn’t been this firm with me in a long while.  But I need it and I need Him, and I need to receive what He’ll give me because at the end of the day, I trust that He is good and all He gives is good for me.  I heard the Lord loud and clear this past weekend; I believe my sisters did too, and we can all testify together that we’ve heard the voice of the Lord and received hugely from Him.”


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