Gas Station Optimization…Engage!

March 24, 2009

The equity markets rallied several percent after the latest bailout plan announcement, but the little people are often concerned with more important things:

  1. Is the milk in this carton still good?
  2. Where can I get cheap gas?

Well, NHF Financial has you covered. We save more so we can give ’til it hurts!

If you are attempting to do more with less, refrigeration-wise, StillTasty will help you figure out how long your food item will keep and the best way to store it. Is it safe to eat pizza that’s been left out overnight? Is it safe to refreeze meat that has already been thawed? Find the answers to life’s nagging questions! I searched for pasteurized milk. The site says it lasts for a week after its been opened, which seems a bit conservative to me. Better safe than sorry, I guess!

Uh, you gonna eat that?

Uh, you gonna eat that?

BillShrink is a free service that tries to find the best gas, credit card, or wireless plan for you given your usage. For example, if you are a gadget guy, BillShrink will attempt to find the card with the best rewards program for electronics. Ditto for charitable donations. Personally, I find the gas station lookup the most fascinating. BillShrink will analyze your commute route to determine the best gas station for fill-ups, taking into account how far you have to drive to get there and the price of the gas once you arrive. You can actually see the suggested route change as the site simulates different combinations. The site even keeps track of gas prices and will email you if there’s a significant change. The analysis can take a bit of time, but pricing out a route from my house to church ended up leading me to some gas station near Valhalla that has no address! The second place finisher was only a couple cents off, though, and right up the street.

Where the cheap gas at?

Where the cheap gas at?

So what’s the bottom line? An optimization service like this could save you a nice chunk of change this year. Maybe enough to help buy a chicken farm!


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