MO Update: D. & J. (China)

March 22, 2009

Excerpts from a note from our friends D. & J., in Beijing:

Thanks for all your pr’s as my US trip last week, despite exhausting, was relatively smooth and rewarding. … [the] primary reason for this US trip was to update Lausanne of the China situation (very positive time), [and] I was also able to bring [a HC leader] for a few days of sharing. … We had over a dozen [speaking engagements] / meetings in 5 days with a sense of great interest and response for the work in China.

They have 3 pr requests for March and April:

  1. “Young Leaders Core” (end of March):  Core group from 7 cities are planning s follow-up from the December China YLG in Hong Kong.  Pr for the leader of this time, and for D. as mentor / coach.  Pr also for the submitted funding proposal (decision expected at the beginning of April).
  2. “National Selection Committee” (mid April):  to identifying the next 100 candidates for Capetown 2010.   Pr for a spirit of unity as 20+ Chinese leaders come to an agreement on approving the next 100 candidates (60 candidates already approved last time) for Capetown 2010.  Pr for “T,” a Chinese leader, as he leads this time.  D.’s role now is an observer and advisor to “T” and the committee.  Pr for a spirit of unity between urban and rural leaders as they begin to trust each other for the sake of the Great Commission.  Pr for security as all are highly sensitive people.  Pr ESPECIALLY for a chance for reconciliation between the 2 ch’s in conflict — for wisdom as we shape informal times between key leaders of the two camps.
  3. “Leadership Challenge” (April 27-May 2):  the Ford Foundation has a scholarship study abroad program for China’s top students and has asked the Leadership Challenge team to train 35 candidates in Leadership/English in preparation as they head overseas.  Many are PhDs from the brightest, as well as 30% from minority groups in China.  These are the future leaders of China who are preparing to study abroad.  Pr for team leader “C” and the Leadership Challenge core in Beijing (J., J., S., and G.) as they prepare for this important program.   We are still looking for like-minded volunteers in Beijing.

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