A Musing: The Name of the Lord

March 13, 2009

The other night, Jenny and I were trying to get some work done for the Women’s Retreat.  As the hour grew later, our diligence quickly degenerated into delirium and hilarity.  We reached the point where some semi-serious decisions had to be made, but because we were also at our wits’ end, we decided to leave the decision-making to randomness.  We figured, what came up would come up and we would just “go with it.”

As we commenced our randomized process, I started declaring facetiously, “in the Name of Jesus!” and “do it, Lord!” and “come oonnnnnn, Jesus!” and “work it, Holy Spirit!”  As the process unfolded, I became less and less facetious, more and more humble.  God was working something before our eyes, and our decisions were becoming His decisions.  A deliciously good thing was unfolding — a good thing we could not have fabricated with our own minds and hands.  What had started out as ridiculously random was coming under the hand of the seriously Divine.  Our decision was suddenly and mysteriously made for us, and God had turned my foolishness on its head with His sovereign wisdom.

It occurs to me that I should have known better — if I call upon His Name (even if I am a dodo and bandy His Name about frivolously), I better be ready for the answers He just might see fit to give!  The Name of the Lord IS a strong tower (Proverbs 18.10).  The power and movement of His Name depends neither on the (foolish) one who speaks it, nor the seriousness and reverence with which one wields it.  The Lord moves when He wants, how He wants.  In fact, I believe He took a particular delight the other night in responding to my impropriety with such deliberate appropriateness, showing me exactly what happens when His Presence is sought.

If God moves with sovereign power and wisdom in response to a foolish incantation, how much more will he exercise His loving strength over one who calls upon His Name in reverent faith, serious need, persistent petition?  If you call upon Him in those ways, if you cry out “Jesus!”, if you invite “Holy Spirit, come and work!”, know this: He will answer, and His answer will be good.


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