CompTooter Addiction Begone!

February 28, 2009

I’ve heard that there are a few of us, usually men, that mysteriously disappear into a magic box when they get home. This box is sometimes called a “Computer” or “Kingdom Domination Simulator” or “Responsibility Compactor” or “I’m Actually Working Reflector.” For those of us <!cough!> that occasionally lose track of time when surfing the InterWebs, etc., the following tool can help:!

T-Minus 43s to go!

The Power of Christ compels you!

EggTimer is about as simple as you can get. The cool thing is, you can control how long of a countdown you want by typing directly into the URL (e.g., As the “/1minute” screenshot suggests, the black lines at the top and bottom of your browser window will gradually move to the right as time runs out. I find the timer helps me structure my time. I don’t keep it on-screen all the time (that would be too stressful!), but the knowledge that E.ggTimer is ticking down subdues my more insidious procrastination tendencies.

So go ahead, disappear into the magic box! Just set a boundary condition. E.ggTimer’s ounce of prevention will  help you avoid a ‘we have to talk’ moment.


One Response to “CompTooter Addiction Begone!”

  1. chris Says:

    this is going to save me…or not but it’s a good idea

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