Serving Up Love At “Loaves & Fish”

February 7, 2009

(I still remember when one of our youth told me what a great time s/he had at “Fishes and Loaf.”  Hilarious.)

NHF’s next opportunity to cook at Loaves & Fish is on Saturday, February 14th, at Trinity Episcopal Church in Ossining.  Before you spoon up some love at home with your significant others, won’t you consider dishing out some of Christ’s love that afternoon?  

Cooking usually starts around 3.30p, with dinner service for our neighbour-guests beginning at around 5.15p.  And, something that recent NHF cooking teams have started to do is SERVE as well as cook, and even sit down and EAT WITH our guests.  Many of the guests from the community are regulars, and they enjoy NHF’s cooking in particular (kudos, folks!) — it is a great idea to sit and dine altogether, to share the meal rather than simply plating it anonymously from behind the kitchen counter.

If you and your children, your Care Group, your Ministry Team or group of friends would like to volunteer on the 14th, please get in touch with Cathy C. or Robert N.  (Volunteer now because our next cooking turn won’t roll around for another two months!)


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