“Journey to True Financial Freedom”

February 3, 2009

Before you blow off this post because the title sounds like a bad infomercial, please just take a moment to appreciate John & Hellen’s short sharing below, and to receive their invitation to this event.  (Please also note that this event could be a nice precursor to the impending sermon series about money.)

    After John and I got married, we ran into a lot of questions about money: what was God’s role in it and how did He want us to manage it.  It was difficult enough managing it on our own but now we were combining income, expenses, debt, and two totally different values and opinions towards money.  It was a challenge to say the least.  We heard about this seminar, “The Journey to True Financial Freedom” through a friend, and he told us that it changed how he viewed money, not from a worldly perspective but through God’s viewpoint.  We decided that we wanted God to be the center of our finances and to attend this seminar held by Crown Ministries. 
    The event is this Saturday, February 7th at the Van Nest Assembly of God (755 Rhinelander Ave, Bronx, NY 10462).  It’s from 9AM to 5PM and the cost is $50 per couple.  You can register at www.crown.org.  Get in touch with us if you’d like more information or if you’d like to join us.

According to the website, some topics discussed include:

  • Fundamental, Biblical principles of managing resources, saving, debt and setting priorities
  • Societal pressures that result in decisions which prevent you from experiencing God’s best for your life
  • God’s nature and how He uses money in your life to lead you to financial freedom
  • Practical steps to establish a plan to properly manage resources
  • Three areas that cause the most problems for the American family, and how to successfully manage each one
  • Practical steps to avoid or eliminate debt
  • A Scripturally-balanced approach to generosity in all areas of your life

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